Northern Region Pack Train


The mission of the Northern Region Pack Train (NRPT) is to represent the Forest Service to the public through education and community service and to complete backcountry packing and work projects across the region. The NRPT accepts proposals for work projects, and education and community service events from across the region every year.

  • Education: The NRPT reaches out to the public through sports shows, classroom presentations, Ninemile Wildlands Training Center classes and other events to educate people about the Forest Service, responsible stock use, Wilderness and Leave No Trace ethics.
  • Community Service: The NRPT represents the Forest Service in parades, expos, demonstrations and other events.
  • Work Projects: The NRPT completes packing and work projects such as re-supplying backcountry crews and cabins, packing in materials and completing work on backcountry cabins, packing out fencing, packing out equipment after backcountry fires.

In 2016, the NRPT completed 21 work projects, packing 548 mule loads of equipment, supplies and materials into remote roadless areas. This amounted to approximately 101,120 pounds of freight moved over 642 miles of trail. The NRPT presented three formal education/training programs to over 88 individuals (including formal horsemanship safety and packing training to 41 students) and participated in four parades.