Motor Vehicle Use Map

The Lolo National Forest’s Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) are free maps used to designate open motorized roads and trails across the forest.  These maps designate roads and trails for summer, or snow-free travel, and do not apply to snowmobile trails, which are shown on the forest Visitor Maps and, where available, on Over the Snow Vehicle Use Maps (OSVUM). Visit the Lolo’s Over Snow Vehicle Use Map page for more information.

Please abide by motorized use rules on the forest and do not travel with motorized vehicles on roads and trails that are not designated open.

The MVUM, which will be updated annually, should be used in conjunction with the Forest Visitor Map to navigate on the forest. Please stop by one of your local Ranger District offices to pick up a copy of the MVUM. You may contact any one of the Ranger Districts for more information.


Missoula Ranger District

Missoula Ranger District  - Lolo Creek to Missoula West – 22”x 34”

Missoula Ranger District  - Missoula East to Rock Creek – 22”x 34”

Ninemile Ranger District

Ninemile Ranger District North – 22”x 34”

Ninemile Ranger District South – 22”x 34”

Plains/Thompson Falls Ranger District

Plains/Thompson Falls Ranger District – 36”x 48” 


Seeley Lake Ranger District

Seeley Lake Ranger District – 22”x 34”


Superior Ranger District

Superior Ranger District – 36”x 48” 


Avenza LogoIf you own a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android (4.0.3 or newer), you can take the Lolo National Forest MVUMs with you.

1. Download the free Avenza PDFMaps app, available at to your mobile device.

2. Once you have Avenza on your mobile device, use your device to download the maps at while running the App. Select 'Get Maps' and search for “Lolo MVUM” to download MVUMs for Missoula, Ninemile, Plains/Thompson Falls, Seeley Lake and Superior Ranger Districts.

With the app and maps installed on your mobile device, you will be able to:

  • View your location on the PDF MVUM using the built-in GPS device
  • Measure distances and areas
  • Plot waypoints
  • View maps offline
  • And more…

Through a no-cost contract with Avenza Systems, Inc., the USDA Forest Service has made electronic versions of its Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) available as free downloads for smartphones and tablets.


 Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Motor Vehicle Use Map show me?

The Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) shows all National Forest System roads, trails and areas designated for public motor vehicle use. Motor Vehicles are defined as any vehicle which is self-propelled, other than a wheelchair or mobility device as defined in 36 CFR 261.2, including highway legal and non-highway legal terra vehicles. This definition excludes aircraft, watercraft, and over snow vehicles according to 36 CFR 212.51

The MVUM shows what type or class of vehicles are allowed, and seasons or times of the year the use is allowed.

Administrative motor vehicle access may occur on routes not shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Map for the purpose of limited administrative access by Forest Service personnel; for fire and law enforcement or other emergency purposes and; by persons authorized by a written special use permit or contract from the Forest Service.

Are there any ‘play areas’ or areas open to cross-country motorized travel?

No. The Lolo National Forest does not have any areas designated for cross-country motorized travel. All motorized travel must occur on designated routes as shown on the MVUM.

Are there road and trail route marker signs on the ground?

Every reasonable attempt has been made that routes designated for motor vehicle use are appropriately marked with route marker signs. However, some routes may be missing route markers due to vandalism, severe weather, maintenance schedules, etc.

Travel management signs indicating motor vehicle closures, restrictions, or the prohibition of cross-country motor vehicle travel are not required for enforcement of the MVUM.Travel management signs may be used in addition to the MVUM to draw attention to the prohibition such as:

• In trespass or other problem areas with poor compliance from the public
• For educational purposes when the restriction or prohibition is new to the public
• When a route has been open historically to motor vehicles
• To avoid confusion with other prohibitions on non-motorized, mechanized or over snow use.
• To provide reassurance to the public as needed

Routes designated for motor vehicle use are identified on the MVUM. It is the responsibility of the user to determine if they are on a route designated for the motor vehicle being used.