Savenac Brochure

Hardcopies of these brochures are available at district offices.

Savenac Historic Tree Nursery

[image] Cover of the Savenac brochure as an example of what it looks like.

"Savenac Historic tree nursery is one of the oldest U.S. Forest Service nurseries in the West. Savenac has an interesting past. We invite you to take the self-guided tour and learn how a honeymoon on horseback resulted in one of the largest and most beautiful nurseries in the West."

Due to the size of this electronic brochure, we offer it in two different forms:

Full version - this is for people with fast connections.

All five pages in separate files.

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Page 5 map of the Savenac site

Visit Us

Interested in visiting the Savenac Historic Tree Nursery? View our "Savenac Historic Tree Nursery Area" recreation page for information about the visitor center and cabin rentals.