Ojai Ranger District

View of the Sespe River on the Ojai Ranger District

Updated: September 16, 2022

Know Before You Go!

Hwy 33 is open. Check Caltrans for current conditions.

The ranger station is staffed with a volunteer Tue-Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm.

Calls are answered Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm. (805) 646-4348 or (661) 245-3731 ext. 0 or (805) 448-6487.

Call (805) 724-0079  or (805) 967-3481 to make Nordhoff Ridge Rd reservations.

The Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center is open on Saturdays from 9:00am - 3:00pm and on Sundays from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Located at: 17017 Maricopa Highway Ojai, CA. Please visit the Visitor Center website for more information.


Campgrounds in the Ojai Ranger District are popular year-round and reservations are strongly advised. There are a few first-come, first-serve sites at each campground. The first-come, first-serve campsites fill up on Thursdays or Fridays before weekends in the summer. There are usually no first-come, first-serve sites available over the weekend.

  • Holiday Group Campground - by reservation only through www.recreation.gov
  • Middle Lion - Open by reservation and first-come, first-serve, $20/night.
  • Pine Mountain - Open by reservations or first-come, first-served camping. $20/night.
  • Reyes Peak - Open by reservations or first-come, first-served camping. $20/night.
  • Rose Valley - Open by reservation or first-come, first-serve. $20/night.
  • Wheeler Gorge - Open by reservation or first-come, first-serve. $25/night.

Trail Status


Fire Restrictions

In response to the increasing potential for a wildland fire start, Los Padres National Forest officials announced that fire restrictions will be implemented throughout the Forest effective May 27. These restrictions will affect the use of campfires, stoves, smoking materials, and internal combustion engines, and will remain in effect until January 31, 2023. 

  • No open fires, campfires or charcoal fires will be permitted outside of developed recreation sites or designated Campfire Use Sites, even with a valid California Campfire Permit. Lanterns and portable stoves using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel will be permitted, but only with a valid California Campfire Permit, which can be obtained free-of-charge at the Ready For Wildfire website. Forest visitors must clear all flammable material for five feet in all directions from their camp stove, have a shovel available, and ensure that a responsible person always attends the stove during use.

Current Restrictions/Forest Orders

Forest Order 05-07-00-22-01 Firearms Prohibition - The Firearms Prohibition Forest Order is effective through December 31, 2022.

Forest Order 05-07-55-21-15 Sespe Condor Sanctuary Occupancy and Use Restriction - Expires 9-20-2023

Campground Occupany Use Forest Order 05-07-00-22-02 Camping 14 day stay - Expires 1/13/2024

Dispersed Camping on Nordhoff Ridge Road

There is no disperse car camping on the Ojai Ranger District except for the Nordhoff Ridge Rd. You need to obtain a permit to access the Nordhoff Ridge Rd. Permits are issued by calling (805) 724-0079, Mon-Fri, 8-430. You need to make a reservation for the permit at least one week in advance.

Note: Disperse camping is not allowed on Hwy 33, the Rose Valley Recreation Area, Pine Mountain Recreation Area or Matilija Canyon Rd. These are Restricted Use Zones.

Road Status

  • Nordhoff Ridge Rd (5N08) - Open - call (805) 724-0079 or (805) 967-3481 to make reservations
  • Reyes Peak Road - 6N06.1/6N06.2 - Open             
  • Dough Flat - 6N16 - Open
  • Cherry Creek Rd - closed until further notice

Portrero Seco Road Closure

Portrero Seco Road (6N03) is closed indefinitately.

Ojai Ranger District Informational Brochures

The Tar Creek Area in the Sespe Condor Sanctuary is closed to the public