Santa Lucia Ranger District

 Updated: February 19, 2019

Know Before You Go!

  • Contact the Santa Lucia Ranger District office for current conditions: (805) 925-9538 X 0 - open Monday-Friday, 8-4:30pm. 
  • Check weather conditions before you head out into the forest. Locations: Santa Maria/Santa Ynez Valley/San Luis Obispo/Pozo/Astascadero The National Weather Service


Rock Front Ranch OHV Area is temporarily closed due to wet weather

The following OHV trails and campgrounds in the Rockfront Ranch area are temporarily closed:

  • Rock front Area at Forest Road 30S02: Baja, Buck Springs and Paradise campgrounds, Rockfront OHV Staging Area, as well as the following trails: Upper 35 Canyon, Paradise, Branch Creek, Big Rocks, Jack Springs, Twin Rocks, Shaw Ridge, Logan Ridge, and Los Machos. 
  • Campgrounds are temporarily closed Bucks Springs, Baja, Paradise

Pozo/La Panza Campgrounds and OHV Trails/roads are temporarily closed due to wet weather 

  • Pozo OHV Area: gates at Forest Roads  29S02, 30S11, 30S05  and OHV Trails 16E21, and 16E22,15E07, 16E24,15E05,16E08,16E09, 16E23,15E11, 18E05,16E02, 16E04
  • Friis Campground, Navajo Flats Campground, Turkey Flat 

Campgrounds/day use area status 

  • Baja (temporarily closed) 
  • Buck Springs (temporarily closed) 
  • Colson Canyon Campground (open) 
  • Miranada Pine - Sierra Madre Rd (temporarily closed)  
  • Cerro Alto Campground and Trailhead (open) 
  • Davy Brown Campground (open)
  • High Mountain Campground (temporarily closed) 
  • Nira Campground (open) 
  • Figueroa Campground (open) 
  • Friis Campground (temporarily closed) 
  • La Panza Campground (temporarily closed) 
  • Navajo Flat Campgorund (temporarily closed) 
  • Paradise Campground - Rock Front area (temporarily closed)
  • Turkey Flat (temporarily closed) 

Road Status

  • Figueroa Mountain Rd is only open to Ranger Peak. There is a locked gate at Ranger Peak. No access down to Cachuma Saddle/Sunset Valley Rd/Happy Canyon Rd
  • Hi Mountain Road - Pozo Area (temporarily closed) 
  • Sierra Madre Rd - Forest Road 32S13.1 (temporarily closed) 
  • Catway Jeepway Trail (temporarily closed) 
  •  Zaca Ridge Road​/Catway  - Forest Road 8N02 (temporarily closed) 
  • Happy Canyon Road to Sunset Valley Rd (open) 
  • Sunset Valley Road to Davy Brown and Nira Campgrounds (open) 

Figueroa Mountain Recreation Area Closure

Day use picnic sities, Forest Route 8N16 (Lookout Rd) and 8N32 ( East Pinery Rd) in the Figueroa Recreation Area will be temporarily closed begining August 19, 2018 through August 20, 2019 due to concerns related to dead and dying hazardous trees that pose a safety risk to visitors. Forest Closure Order and Map 05-07-53-18-06

This temporary closure includes Pino Alto Day Use Area, Figuerora Lookout, Cumbre Day Use Area and Forest Service Road 8N16 (Lookout Road). These areas will remain closed until the public safety risk is mitigated by cutting the hazardous trees.

Figueroa Mountain Area Campgrounds

  • Figueroa (open) 
  • Davy Brown (open) 
  • Nira (open) 

Road Closures 

  • La Brea/Colson area past the Colson Campground (Forest Road 11N04)

Closed campgrounds

  • La Brea Area: Barrel Springs, Wagon Flat
  • Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area - Bear Canyon Campground

Closed roads and OHV riding areas/trails

  • Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area  (Buckhorn Ridge, Horshoe Spring Spur, Bear Canyon Loop and Bear Canyon Campground). 
  • Kerry Canyon OHV Trail/Area is temporarily closed until further notice