Santa Lucia Ranger District

Grass Mountain 2021

Figueroa Mountain , Santa Lucia Ranger District

Updated: April 21, 2022

Know Before You Go!

  • Contact the Santa Lucia Ranger District office for current conditions: (805) 865-0416. The ranger station in Santa Maria is temporarily closed to walk-in visitation, but calls are answered Monday through Friday 8-430.
  • Check weather conditions before you head out into the forest. Locations: Santa Maria/Santa Ynez Valley/San Luis Obispo/Pozo/Astascadero The National Weather Service

Fire Restrictions

Forest Orders and Restrictions

Picnic Day Use Areas - Figueroa Mountain

Picnic areas are open and require the Adventure Pass for parking and day use.

Open Campgrounds

Hiking Trails


  • Adobe (off of Hwy 166)
  • Big Falls (Santa Lucia Wilderness)
  • Cerro Alto Looop (Cerro Alto Campground)
  • Davy Brown Trail (Figueroa Mtn)
  • East Cuesta Ridge Road (hiking, mountain biking, equestrian use only)
  • Fir Canyon - Davy Brown (Figueroa Mtn)
  • Gifford (Off of Hwy 166)
  • Judell (San Rafael Wilderness - trailhead off of Sierra Madre Road- hike from Cox Flat off of Santa Barbara Cyn Rd)
  • Little Falls (behind Lake Lopez)
  • Lopez Canyon Trail (off of E. Cuesta Ridge Road)
  • Manzana Trail East (upper) - Off  of Sunset Valley Rd (Nira Campground)
  • Manzana Trail West (lower) - Off of Sunset Valley Rd
  • Munch Canyon Trail (Figueroa Mtn)
  • Rinconada (Pozo Road)
  • Sunset Valley Trail (Figueroa Mtn)

Pozo/La Panza OHV trails/roads


  • Pozo OHV Area: gates at Forest Roads 29S02 Navajo Rd and OHV Trails 16E21, and 16E22,15E07, 16E24,15E05,16E08,16E09, 16E23,15E11, 18E05,16E02, 16E04. Redhill Rd.
  • Hi Mountain Rd and Hi Mtn Lookout Rd.

Rock Front Ranch OHV Area


  • Rock front Area at Forest Road 30S02: Rockfront OHV staging area, as well as the following trails: Upper 35 Canyon, Paradise, Branch Creek, Big Rocks, Jack Springs, Twin Rocks, Shaw Ridge, Logan Ridge, and Los Machos. Campgrounds: Baja, Buck Springs and Paradise.

Road Status


  • Road No. 29S28 (TV Tower Road) West Cuesta Ridge Road
  • Bates Cyn Rd to Bates Campground and to Sierra Madre Rd
  • Colson Canyon Rd (campground is permanently closed)
  • Figueroa Mountain Rd at Los Olivos/Hwy 154 to Cachuma Saddle/Happy Canyon Rd
  • Figueroa Lookout Rd to Pino Alto Day Use Area and the Lookout Day Use Area
  • Happy Canyon Road to Sunset Valley Rd
  • Hi Mountain Road (Arroyo Grande - Pozo Road (Forest Road No. 30S05)
  • Hi Mountain Lookout Rd to the Hi Mountain Campground
  • Miranda Pine Road 11N03
  • Pine Canyon Road 11N04 to Brookshire and Horseshoe Campgrounds
  • Pozo/La Panza roads and OHV trails
  • Rock Front roads and trails
  • Sierra Madre Rd - Forest Road 32S13.1
  • Zaca Ridge Road/Catway Road 8N02 - Figueroa Mountain area

Temporarily Closed OHV Trails

  • The Catway OHV Route (8N03) - Figureoa Mountain OHV Area

Permanently Closed Campgrounds

  • Colson Campground

La Brea Area road and trail closures 

La Brea/Colson area past the Colson Campground (Forest Road 11N04).

La Brea Area campground closures

  • La Brea Area: Barrel Springs, Wagon Flat
  • Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area - Bear Canyon Campground

Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area Rd and OHV riding Area/trail closures

  • Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area  (Buckhorn Ridge, Horshoe Spring Spur, Bear Canyon Loop and Bear Canyon Campground). 
  • Kerry Canyon OHV Trail/Area is temporarily closed until further notice