Mt. Pinos Ranger District

Updated: July 25, 2018

Know Before You Go!

Contact the Mt. Pinos Ranger District Office in Frazier Park for current conditions: 661-245-3731 X 0. 

Current Fire Restrictions

Current Target Shooting Restrictions

For weather information, go to National Weather Service 

Mt. Pinos Ranger District Road/OHV Trail Status

The following roads/areas on the Mt Pinos Ranger District are OPEN:

Frazier Mountain, Grade Valley, Lockwood Creek, Alamo Mountain, Gold Hill, and Miller Jeep Trail.  

East Frazier, Tejon, Piru, Yellow Jacket, Arrasta, Piru Creek, Long Dave and Snowy Trail. 

Tecuya, Scott Russel, Marian/Caballo, Cerro Noroeste/Mt. Abel.

All roads and trails south of Lockwood Valley Road are currently open. This includes Alamo Mtn, Frazier Mtn, Lockwood Creek and Grade Valley/Mutau area and associated connector trails.

  • Alamo Mountain (open)
  • Fraizer Mountain (open)
  • Goldhill to Piru Creek (open)
  • Grade Valley Rd (open)
  • Snowy Trail (open) 

Open Campgrounds

  • Aliso
  • Ballinger Campground and OHV Area
  • Caballo
  • Campo Alto
  • Cherry Creek
  • Chuchupate
  • Chula Vista walk-in campground
  • Cottonwood
  • Dome Springs
  • Dutchman
  • Gold Hill
  • Halfmoon
  • Kings Camp
  • Marian
  • McGill
  • McGill Group Campground
  • Mt. Pinos
  • Nettle Springs
  • Pine Springs
  • Pleito Creek
  • Reyes Creek
  • Salt Creek
  • Sunset
  • Thorn meadows ( 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended for driving to campground)
  • Toad Springs
  • Valle Vista

Open Backcountry Camps

  • Bear Trap
  • Buck Creek
  • Cedar Creek
  • Deal Junction
  • Fishbowls
  • Lily Meadows
  • Little Mutah
  • Mesa
  • Painted Rock
  • Rancho Nuevo (hike in only, road closed)
  • Sheep Camp
  • Stone house
  • Upper Rancho Nuevo (hike in only, road closed)
  • Upper Reyes Creek

Open OHV Trail Year-Round

OHV trails open year-round are Ballinger, Dome Springs, Quatal Cyn, Apache Cyn, Sulfur Springs, Cuyama, and Wagon Springs Rd.

Open Roads

  • Mt. Pinos Rd
  • Cerro Noroeste/Mt Abel to Campo Alto
  • Grade Valley Rd
  • Santa Barbara Canyon to Cox Flat is open (access to Dick Smith Wilderness) 
  • Marian/Caballo

Temporarily Closed Roads

  • West Dry Canyon to Cuyama Peak 
  • Rancho Nuevo/Tinta