Mt. Pinos Ranger District

Updated: June 7, 2018

Contact the Mt. Pinos Ranger District Office in Frazier Park for current conditions: 661-245-3731 X 0. 

For weather information, go to National Weather Service 

Mt. Pinos Ranger District Road/OHV Trail Status

The following roads/areas on the Mt Pinos Ranger District reopened on May 2, 2018:

Frazier Mountain, Grade Valley, Lockwood Creek, Alamo Mountain, Gold Hill, and Miller Jeep Trail.  

OHV trails are now open: East Frazier, Tejon, Piru, Yellow Jacket, Arrasta, Piru Creek, Long Dave and Snowy Trail. 

The areas north of Lockwood Valley Rd are open: Tecuya, Scott Russel, Marian/Caballo, Cerro Noroeste/Mt. Abel.

All roads and trails south of Lockwood Valley Road are currently open. This includes Alamo Mtn, Frazier Mtn, Lockwood Creek and Grade Valley/Mutau area and associated connector trails.

  • Alamo Mountain (open)
  • Fraizer Mountain (open)
  • Goldhill to Piru Creek (open)
  • Grade Valley Rd (open)
  • Snowy Trail (open) 

Open Campgrounds

  • Aliso
  • Ballinger Campground and OHV Area
  • Caballo
  • Campo Alto
  • Cherry Creek
  • Chuchupate
  • Chula Vista walk-in campground
  • Cottonwood
  • Dome Springs
  • Dutchman
  • Gold Hill
  • Halfmoon
  • Kings Camp
  • Marian
  • McGill
  • McGill Group Campground
  • Mt. Pinos
  • Nettle Springs
  • Pine Springs
  • Pleito Creek
  • Reyes Creek
  • Salt Creek
  • Sunset
  • Thorn meadows(hike in only, road closed)
  • Toad Springs
  • Valle Vista

Open Backcountry Camps

  • Bear Trap
  • Buck Creek
  • Cedar Creek
  • Deal Junction
  • Fishbowls
  • Lily Meadows
  • Little Mutah
  • Mesa
  • Painted Rock
  • Rancho Nuevo (hike in only, road closed)
  • Sheep Camp
  • Stone house
  • Upper Rancho Nuevo (hike in only, road closed)
  • Upper Reyes Creek

Open OHV Trail Year-Round

OHV trails open year-round are Ballinger, Dome Springs, Quatal Cyn, Apache Cyn, Sulfur Springs, Cuyama, and Wagon Springs Rd.

Open Roads

  • Mt. Pinos Rd
  • Cerro Noroeste/Mt Abel to Campo Alto
  • Grade Valley Rd
  • Santa Barbara Canyon to Cox Flat is open (access to Dick Smith Wilderness) 
  • Marian/Caballo

Temporarily Closed Roads

  • West Dry Canyon to Cuyama Peak 
  • Rancho Nuevo/Tinta