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Silver Peak Wilderness, Monterey Ranger District

Updated:  September 14, 2021

Highway 1 Alert

Los Padres National Forest to remain closed to the public until September 22 for public safety

ALERT: The current forest-wide emergency closure order for Los Padres National Forest has been extended through midnight on Sept. 22, 2021. Due to ongoing high fire danger and active wildfires across the West, the Southern California national forests will remain closed for another week to better provide for public and firefighter safety.

By temporarily reducing the numbers of people on the Forest, this Closure Order will minimize the likelihood that visitors could become entrapped during an emergency and decrease the potential for new fire starts at a time of extremely limited firefighting resources. Severe and persistent drought due to hot and dry weather has led to rapid growth and increasingly unpredictable fire behavior across Northern California with no relief expected until late fall. Conditions in Southern California are similar and likely to worsen.

Nacimiento-Fergusson Road Closure Update

The atmospheric river storm event that stalled over Monterey County in late January dumped up to 15 inches of rain on the Monterey Ranger District. The Highway 1 washout at Rat Creek generated national headlines, however, the Nacimiento-Fergusson Road that connects Highway 1 with Fort Hunter Liggett and Highway 101 suffered significantly more damage but received far less media attention. Extensive slides, debris flows and road failures at a dozen sites along the road have rendered Nac-Ferg impassable to vehicle traffic. The road will remain closed under a Forest Order until repairs can be made. The public is strongly encouraged to avoid Nacimiento-Fergusson Road until the road has been cleared of debris and is safe for through traffic. Initial cost estimates for fixing the road run into the millions of dollars. The Forest Service is working with the Monterey County Department of Public Works and Fort Hunter Liggett, and will be applying for Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO) through the Federal Highway Administration to secure additional funding.

Pine Ridge Trail - Temporarily Closed

The popular Pine Ridge Trail (PRT) on Los Padres National Forest reopened to public use nearly five years after the devastating 2016 Soberanes Fire and winter storms of 2017. Massive sections of the trail were repaired by volunteers, partner groups, and U.S. Forest Service-funded contract crews. Read more...

Know Before You Go!

Please contact the Monterey Ranger District office or the Big Sur Visitor Center for information about road condtions, camping, backpacking, hiking and beach access.

Monterey Ranger District: 831-242-0619.  Mon-Fri, 8-4:30pm  (temporarily closed for walk in visitation, but you can call for information)

Big Sur Multi-Agency Visitor Center: (831) 667-2315, open daily 9:00am - 4:00pm. Open for walk in visitation and phone calls.

Weather Information: National Weather Service

Contact to make or cancel a camping reservation or call 1-877-444-6777.

Dolan Fire Road and Campground Closure - Forest Order 05-07-51-21-13

Forest Order 05-07-51-21-13 - Effective July 30, 2021 through October 30, 2021

Closed roads:

  • Forest Road No. 22S01 (Nacimiento-Fergusson Road)
  • Forest Road No. 20S05.4 (South Coast Ridge Road)
  • Forest Road No. 20S05.3 (Central Coast Ridge Road / Cone Peak Road)
  • Forest Road No. 19S09.3 (Arroyo Seco – Indians Road)
  • Forest Road No. 19S09D (Escondido Campground Road)

Willow Fire Trail and Camp Closure Alert

Forest Order 05-07-51-21-10 - Willow Fire Area, Trail and Camp Closure

The following trails and trail camps will remain closed through January 24, 2022:

  • Forest Trail 4E07 (Marble Peak Trail)
  • Forest Trail 4E06 (Tony Trail)
  • Tassajara Creek Camp
  • Willow Springs Camp

Fire Restrictions

Forest Orders and Restrictions

Temporarily Closed Roads - Order 05-07-00-21-16 Emergency Forest Closure

  • Arroyo Seco Rd to the Arroyo Seco Recreation Area
  • Indians Road in Los Padres to Santa Lucia Memorial Park Campground
  • Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd from Hwy 101 through Ft. Hunter Liggett to Nacimineto Campground
  • Forest Road No. 23S01 (Los Burros/Willow Creek Road)
  • Forest Road No. 23S02 (Plaskett Ridge Road)
  • Forest Road No. 18S02 (Tassajara Road) - Drive with caution. 4-wheel drive, high clearance vehicles only. Road is rutted and damaged from winter storms.

Temporary Road Closures

  • Nacimiento-Fergusson Road (West of Nacimiento Campground to the Highway 1 intersection)
  • Forest Road No. 22S05 (South Coast Ridge Road)
  • Forest Road No. 20S05.3 (Central Coast Road/Cone Peak Road)
  • Forest Road No. 19S10 (Piney Creek Road) to the Piney Creek Campgrounds
  • Arroyo Seco/Indians Road (Forest Road 19S09.3) from Memorial Campground for approximately 2.8 miles to the gate at Escondido Campground Road (Forest Road 19S09D)

Temporarily Closed Campgrounds - Order 05-07-00-21-16 Emergency Forest Closure

To make a future reservation, go to or call 1-877-444-6777

Temporary Campground Closures

  • Escondido Campground (Closed due to the Dolan Fire Closure Order)
  • Piney Creek Campground (Closed until further notice)

Day Use Areas

Temporarily closed

Temporarily Closed Trails

Silver Peak Wilderness

8/10/21 ALERT - Do not drink/filter water from the pond below Salmon Creek Falls. There is a possible algae bloom that can cause contaminated water and is unsafe to drink. Do NOT let dogs drink or swim in the water.

Ventana Wilderness

Refer to for open/closed trails and trail camps

Temporarily Closed Trails

  • Pine Ridge Trail
  • Kirk Creek Trail
  • Vicente Flat Trail

Closed Trails and Trail Camps

Ventana Wilderness - Willow Fire Closure

  • Forest Trail 4E07 (Marble Peak Trail)
  • Tassajara Creek Trail Camp
  • Willow Springs Trail Camp
  • Forest Trail 4E06 (Tony Trail)

Ventana and Silver Peak Wilderness Information

California State Park Information

Parks Management Concession Company

For more information about the Parks Management Company (PMC) that manages recreation sites for the Forest Service (Plaskett Creek, Kirk Creek, White Oaks, China Camp, Nacimiento, Ponderosa and Arroyo Seco Campgrounds and day use areas (Sand Dollar Beach, Mill Creek, Willow Creek, Pfeiffer Beach), please visit: