Monterey Ranger District

Updated: July 9, 2018

The conditions listed below can change rapidly, especially with inclement weather. Therefore, it is recommended that visitors to the Forest contact the Ranger District Office which is nearest to their destination for the very latest information. The National Weather Service is a good resource for information about weather.

Current Fire Restrictions

Current Target Shooting Restrictions

Forest Order 05-07-51-17-04 Roadside Camping Prohibition on Nacimiento-Fergusson Road 

Current Highway 1 Status

For more information, please visit: 


  • Tassajara Road is open. White Oaks and China Camp Campgrounds are open. Access to the Carmel River Trail and the Pine Ridge Trail (China Camp to Redwood Camp ONLY)
  • Pfeiffer Beach is open 
  • Nacimiento - Fergusson Rd is open
  • South Coast Ridge Rd (Prewitt Ridge area) is open 
  • Kirk Creek and Plaskett Creek Campgrounds are open
  • Salmon Creek Trailhead and the Silver Peak Wilderness can now be accessed from Hwy 1 from the south from San Simeon. Trails are open. No access from north Hwy 1 due to massive landslides blocking the hwy. Hwy 1 is scheduled to reopen in this area near Gorda in mid-late September, 2018. 

Trail and Trail Camp Closures

Pine Ridge Trail and Sykes Hot Springs are closed until further notice. See the Forest Order for more details or call the USFS Monterey District office in King City (831) 385-5434. Trail Closure Map. Why can’t I go to Sykes? To learn more about the State of the Pine Ridge Trail in Big Sur, CLICK HERE

  • Pine Ridge (Forest Trail No. E306) 
  • Terrace Creek (Forest Trail No. 3E22)
  • Ventana Camp (Forest Trail No. 2E14)
  • Barlow Flat, Sykes, Redwood, Terrace Creek and Ventana Camps.

The Following Roads, Trails and Campgrounds in the Los Padres National Forest are Currently Closed

  • Palo Colorado Rd at Hwy 1 and Botcher's Gap Campground
  • Pine Ridge Trailhead at Hwy 1/Big Sur Station
  • Old Coast Rd
  • Piney Creek Campgrounds
  • The North Coast Ridge Road is closed permanently to vehicle traffic

Open Forest Service Day Use Areas, Beaches, Campgrounds, Trailheads and Roads

  • Arroyo Seco Campground, Group Campground and Day Use Area
  • Buckeye Trailhead (Silver Peak Wilderness)
  • China Camp Campground
  • Cone Peak Road 
  • Cruckshank Trailhead (Silver Peak Wilderness)
  • Escondido Campground
  • Kirk Creek Canmpground
  • Nacimiento Rd, South Coast Ridge Road (Prewitt Ridge area)
  • Nacimiento Campground
  • Pfeiffer Beach Day Use Area
  • Plaskett Creek Campground
  • Ponderosa Campground
  • Salmon Creek Trailhead (Silver Peak Wilderness)
  • Sand Dollar Beach Day Use Area
  • Santa Lucia Memorial Campground
  • White Oak Campground
  • Willow Creek Day Use Area

For more information about the Parks Managemnet Company that manages Plaskett Creek, Kirk Creek, Botcher's Gap (closed), White Oaks, China Camp, Nacimiento, Ponderosa and Arroyo Seco Campgrounds and day use areas (Sand Dollar Beach, Mill Creek, Willow Creek, Pfeiffer Beach), call (805) 434-1996 or visit:

For backcountry trail conditions, please visit:

Current Conditions for All Big Sur Area California State Parks

Highway 1 is now open from the north down to Gorda. From the south, access is still closed on Highway 1 at Salmon Creek. Check traffic conditions before driving at the Caltrans website. 

  • For more California State Park information and updates on current conditions, please call the State Parks Big Sur Sector Office at (831) 667-1112 or the Big Sur Station at (831) 667-2315 or visit the California State Parks website