Women in Wildfire Schedule and Location

Conducive Learning Environment:

Participants receive the complete camp experience. They stay in cabins during their training and food is provided on site. The women participate in classroom lectures to complete the Basic 32-hour wildland fire training curriculum. A large grass field adjacent to the camp is used as an outdoor classroom and serves as the physical training area. The goal is to build a supportive network, team cohesion, and confidence.

Camp Schedule

Tenatively scheduled for March 7-12, 2020

Training includes classroom and hands-on field exercises. Participants are provided with personal protective equipment and line gear and will participate in hiking and activities that simulate what wildland firefighters regularly perform to gain a better understanding of the physical demands of the job. Full attendance is mandatory, and selected participants must participate and be present all 6 days and 5 nights of the camp. If selected, participants will be paid for the training and physical fitness test portion of the camp.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Participation and training will follow appropriate risk management strategies, current guidance of the CDC, and local health and safety guidelines


The Women in Wildfire Training Camp is a 6-day, 5-night Camp that will take place on the Santa Barbara Ranger District of the Los Padres National Forest.  The Forest has hosted the camp at Circle V Ranch, 2550 Hwy 154 (across from Cachuma Lake) Santa barbara, CA 93105 four of the five years since hosting the event. To learn more about the forest click here.

The location and the surrounding areas make it an ideal setting for this opportunity. A large grass field adjacent to the building that will be used as a classroom will serve as the physical and outdoor training area. The Tequepis trailhead leading into the forest is located nearby. The location has all the necessary facilities to accommodate the week-long training, offering room and board for participants and cadre. Participants will be staying in cabins and gathering at the large dining hall with commercial kitchen staffed with cooks to provide meals throughout the week. This location will provide a unique opportunity to offer recruitment and training within the forest, exposing participants to the outdoors and creating an experience that encourages employment with the agency.