Campfires Prohibited in All Areas of Los Padres National Forest

no campfires signFor only the third time in 10 years, Los Padres National Forest fire restrictions prohibit open fires of any kind in all areas of the Forest due to extreme fire danger. Members of the public visiting Los Padres are allowed to use propane or gas cooking stoves and portable lanterns ONLY in designated campgrounds. These elevated restrictions will remain in place until the end of the declared fire season.

Scant winter rainfall and recurring heat waves have created exceptionally fire-prone conditions across the Forest. Dry summers, steep slopes, and dense vegetation make wildfires a constant threat to Los Padres, especially during the hot summer months. By prohibiting campfires, the goal is to reduce the likelihood of an unintended new fire start. We need the public’s assistance in following these restrictions and sharing this information with other visitors who might not be aware. Violating this Forest Order may result in a $5,000 fine and/or six months in jail. Violators could also be liable for the cost of suppression efforts which typically exceed $1 million or more.

Fires across the western United States have challenged fire suppression resources. As of August 12, 587 wildfires have burned nearly 175,000 acres of National Forest System lands in California. Wildfires destroy trees and hillside vegetation, endanger lives and property, and damage vital watersheds. Your help is needed to preserve these valuable lands from the ravages of wildfire.

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