Campground and Day Use Area Temporary Closures Due to COVID-19 CA State Order

Monterey Ranger District Temporary Campground Closures

Arroyo Seco Campground

Escondido Campground

Kirk Creek Campground

Plaskett Creek Campground

White Oaks Campground

China Camp Campground

Nacimiento Campground

Ponderosa Campground

Santa Lucia Memorial Park Campground

Monterey Ranger District Day Use Area Closures

Arroyo Seco Picnic Area

Arroyo Seco Trailhead Parking Area

Pfeiffer Beach Day Use Area

Willow Creek Day Use Area

Sand Dollar Day Use Area

Mill Creek Day Use Area

Santa Lucia Ranger District Campground and OHV Staging Area Closures

American Canyon

Cerro Alto Campground

Colson Campground

Hi Mountain Campground

La Panza Campground

Navajo Flat Staging Area/ Campground

Turkey Flat Staging Area

Friis Campground

Paradise Camp

Buck Springs Camp

Baja Camp

Rockfront Staging Area

Figueroa Mountain Campground

Nira Campground

Davy Brown Campground

Santa Barbara Ranger District Campgrounds

Fremont Campground

Paradise Campground

Los Prietos Cammpground

Sage Hill Group Campground

Upper Oso Campground

Middle Santa Ynez Campground

Rock Camp

P-Bar Flats

Mono Camp

Santa Barbara Ranger District Day Use Areas

White Rock

First Crossing

Lower Oso

Red Rock

Ojai Campgrounds

Wheeler Gorge Campground

Rose Valley Campground

Middle Lion Campground

Holiday Group Camp

Pine Mountain Campground

Reyes Peak Campground

Pieddra Blanca Trailhead - Rose Valley Recreation Area

Piedra Blanca Trailhead is open, but restrooms are closed

Mt. Pinos Ranger District Campgrounds


Ballinger Canyon

Chula Vista walk-in campground


Campo Alto

Cherry Creek



Dome Springs


Gold Hill Camping Area




McGill & McGill Group

Mt Pinos

Nettle Springs

Pine Springs

Pleito Creek

Rancho Nuevo

Reyes Creek

Salt Creek


Thorn Meadows

Toad Springs

Valle Vista