Los Padres National Forest - Wilderness Areas

Ten Wilderness Areas in Los Padres National Forest

Sespe Wilderness - Fall SeasonLos Padres National Forest has 10 Congressionally designated Wildernesses comprising 875,000 acres, or approximately 48% of the 1.75 million acre National Forest. more wilderness area information.....

What is Wilderness?

According to the Wilderness Act of 1964, wilderness areas are "where earth and its community of life remain untrammeled, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain." The Los Padres National Forest has ten designated wilderness areas: Ventana, Silver Peak, Santa Lucia, Garcia, Machesna, San Rafael, Dick Smith, Matilija, Sespe, Chumash. For backpacking information and other area specific information, contact the Forest Service office nearest your trailhead.

Wilderness Education Plan

Wilderness Education Plans for all ten Wilderness areas on the Los Padres have been approved and implementation has begun. The purpose of these plans is to introduce various audiences to the values and purposes of wilderness, goals of the Wilderness Act and specific methods of protecting each Wilderness. The plan is just one more step towards supporting the stewardship of the Wilderness areas of the Los Padres and providing opportunities for champions of Wilderness both within and outside the Forest Service. This plan identifies specific actions that support ‘Leave No Trace’ objectives and a better understanding of Wilderness on the Forest. Wilderness Education Plan

Wilderness Passes

You do not need a wilderness pass for any of the wildernesses in the Los Padres National Forest. You do need a campfire permit, for operating a campstove or having a campfire in the backcountry.