Los Padres to Issue New Special Use Permit to Concessionnaire for Management of Forest Recreation Sites

Contact(s): Forest Recreation Officer Jeff Bensen at (805) 961-5744

Los Padres National Forest officials announced today their intention to issue a concession campground and recreation site Special Use Permit (SUP) to Parks Management Company to oversee the operation and maintenance of government-owned recreation facilities on the Forest.

The SUP will be issued for 52 developed recreation sites located on all five ranger districts of the Forest.  The new SUP will replace six expiring permits and consolidate all concession sites under one permit. In April, Los Padres issued a prospectus seeking applicants for this SUP. Bids were considered, along with business plans, during the evaluation of proposals. It was determined that Parks Management Company submitted the strongest proposal for operating and maintaining Los Padres recreation facilities.

The SUP will be issued for the following sites:

Monterey Ranger District: Arroyo Seco CG (single and group), Arroyo Seco Day Use Area, Botcher’s Gap CG, Kirk Creek CG, Nacimiento CG, Plaskett Creek CG (single and group), Ponderosa CG, Mill Creek Day Use Area, Sand Dollar Day Use Area, Willow Creek Day Use Area, and Pfeiffer Beach Day Use Area, Memorial CG, Escondido CG, White Oaks CG, and China Camp CG.

Santa Lucia Ranger District: Cerro Alto CG, Davy Brown CG, Figueroa CG, Nira CG, La Panza CG, Navajo Flat CG/OHV Staging Area, and Turkey Flat CG.

Santa Barbara Ranger District: Fremont CG, Los Prietos CG, Paradise CG, Sage Hill Group CG, Upper Oso CG, Falls Day Use Area, First Crossing Day Use Area, Live Oak Day Use Area, Lower Oso Day Use Area, Red Rock Day Use Area, Sandstone Day Use Area, White Rock Day Use Area, and Red Rock Trailhead.

Ojai Ranger District: Wheeler Gorge Recreation Area, Holiday Group CG, Wheeler Gorge CG, Middle Lion CG, Reyes Peak CG, Pine Mountain CG, and Rose Valley CG

Mt. Pinos Ranger District: McGill CG (single and group), Mt. Pinos CG, Ballinger Canyon CG/OHV Staging Area, Campo Alto CG, Chuchupate CG, and Reyes Creek CG.

The Adventure Pass will no longer be valid at these sites, however a 50 percent discount will be available to Interagency Access and Senior Pass holders at single family campsites. A new cost structure will be posted to the Los Padres National Forest website. If you have additional questions, please contact Asst. Forest Recreation Officer Jeff Bensen at (805) 961-5744.