Santa Lucia Ranger District

Figueroa Mountain photo

Figueroa Mountain Recreation Area

Updated: June 18,  2021

Know Before You Go!

  • Contact the Santa Lucia Ranger District office for current conditions:  (805) 865-0416, Monday through Friday 8-430. The office is temporarily closed to walk-in visitation, but you can call for information.
  • Check weather conditions before you head out into the forest. Locations: Santa Maria/Santa Ynez Valley/San Luis Obispo/Pozo/Astascadero The National Weather Service

Santa Lucia Ranger District COVID 19 Emergency Road Closure

Pursuant to 16 USC 551 and 36 CFR 261.50(b), and to provide for public safety, the following act is prohibited within the Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia Ranger District. This Order is effective from November 4, 2020, through November 3, 2021.

Using a motorized vehicle on National Forest System Road No. 29S28 (TV Tower Road), as shown on the attached map.
36 CFR 261.54(a).

Pursuant to 36 CFR 261.50(e), the following persons are exempt from this Order:

  1. Any Federal, State, or local officer, or member of an organized rescue or fire fighting force in the performance of an official duty.
  2. Residents, to the extent necessary to access their residences.
  3. Persons with a Forest Service special use authorization for an electric transmission line, an oil or gas pipeline, communications site, or any other non-recreation special use.

This prohibition is in addition to the general prohibitions in 36 CFR Part 261, Subpart A.

A violation of this prohibition is punishable by a fine of not more than $5,000 for an individual or $10,000 for an organization, or imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.
16 USC 551 and 18 USC 3559, 3571, and 3581.

Forest Order No. 05-07-53-20-23. Forest Road No. 29S28 (TV Tower Road) West Cuesta Ridge Road is temporarily closed. The road is closed to motorized vehicles, except for emergency personnel, permittees and private property owners.

There is NO DISPERSE CAMPING allowed on Forest Road No. 29S28 (TV Tower Road) West Cuesta Ridge Road. 

Forest Order  05-07-53-20-23 Closure MAP

Fire Restrictions

Forest Orders and Restrictions

Open Campgrounds

Hiking Trails

Trails are open

  • Adobe (off of Hwy 166)
  • Big Falls (Santa Lucia Wilderness)
  • Cerro Alto Looop (Cerro Alto Campground)
  • Davy Brown Trail (Figueroa Mtn)
  • East Cuesta Ridge Road (hiking, mountain biking, equestrian use only)
  • Fir Canyon - Davy Brown (Figueroa Mtn)
  • Gifford (Off of Hwy 166)
  • Judell (San Rafael Wilderness - trailhead off of Sierra Madre Road- hike from Cox Flat off of Santa Barbara Cyn Rd)
  • Little Falls (behind Lake Lopez)
  • Lopez Canyon Trail (off of E. Cuesta Ridge Road)
  • Manzana Trail East (upper) - Off of Happy Canyon/Sunset Valley Rd (Nira Campground)
  • Manzana Trail West (lower) - Off of Happy Canyon/Sunset Valley Rd
  • Munch Canyon Trail (Figueroa Mtn)
  • Rinconada (Pozo Road)
  • Sunset Valley Trail (Figueroa Mtn)

Pozo/La Panza OHV trails/roads


  • Pozo OHV Area: gates at Forest Roads 29S02 Navajo Rd and OHV Trails 16E21, and 16E22,15E07, 16E24,15E05,16E08,16E09, 16E23,15E11, 18E05,16E02, 16E04. Redhill Rd.
  • Hi Mountain Rd and Hi Mtn Lookout Rd.

Rock Front Ranch OHV Area


  • Rock front Area at Forest Road 30S02: Rockfront OHV staging area, as well as the following trails: Upper 35 Canyon, Paradise, Branch Creek, Big Rocks, Jack Springs, Twin Rocks, Shaw Ridge, Logan Ridge, and Los Machos. Campgrounds: Baja, Buck Springs and Paradise.

Road Status - Open

  • Bates Cyn Rd to Sierra Madre Rd
  • Colson Canyon Rd
  • Figueroa Mountain Rd is open down to Cachuma Saddle
  • Happy Canyon Road to Sunset Valley Rd
  • Hi Mountain Road (Arroyo Grande - Pozo Road (Forest Road No. 30S05)
  • Hi Mountain Lookout Rd to the Hi Mountain Campground
  • Miranda Pine Road 11N03
  • Pine Canyon Road 11N04 to Brookshire and Horseshoe Campgrounds
  • Pozo/La Panza OHV roads and trails
  • Rock Front roads and trails
  • Sierra Madre Rd - Forest Road 32S13.1
  • Sunset Valley Road to Davy Brown Campground, Nira Campground and Nira Trailhead
  • Zaca Ridge Road/Catway Road 8N02 - Figueroa Mountain area

Temporarily Closed Roads

  • The Catway OHV Route (8N03) - Figureoa Mountain OHV Area

Permanently Closed Campgrounds

  • Colson Campground

La Brea Area road and trail closures 

La Brea/Colson area past the Colson Campground (Forest Road 11N04).

La Brea Area campground closures

  • La Brea Area: Barrel Springs, Wagon Flat
  • Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area - Bear Canyon Campground

Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area Rd and OHV riding Area/trail closures

  • Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area  (Buckhorn Ridge, Horshoe Spring Spur, Bear Canyon Loop and Bear Canyon Campground). 
  • Kerry Canyon OHV Trail/Area is temporarily closed until further notice