Plague Warning

Bubonic Plague is naturally occurring in the Sierra Nevada including the Lake Tahoe Basin. Visitors should always take the following precautions when visiting areas where active plague has been found. Stay on trails and if you must bring your pet, keep them on short leash and do not let them investigate rodent burrows.

  • Avoid contact with wild rodents, which can be infected with fleas.
  • Do not touch sick/dead rodents.
  • Report unusual observations to rangers.
  • Do not camp, sleep/rest near animal burrows.
  • Wear long pants tucked into boots to reduce exposure to fleas.
  • Apply insect repellent to socks/pant cuffs.
  • If possible, leave pets at home.

Learn more about Bubonic Plague in California at the CA Department of Public Health website.

Yellow sign with information on Bubonic Plague precautions.