Nature's Benefits

Valuing Ecosystem Services


Forest ecosystems are human, plant, and animal life-support systems that provide a suite of goods and services vital to human health and livelihood—essentially Nature's Benefits, also called Ecosystem Services.

The USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region's goal is to communicate Nature's Benefits in the context of modern-day living and connect California National Forest land management activities to benefits that the public, sees, feels, and hears.

Follow the link below to view the Lake Tahoe Basin Managment Unit's edition of Nature's Benefits.

What are Ecosystem Services—or Nature's Benefits?

Ecosystem services are the benefits people receive and value from nature—or "Nature's Benefits." This comprehensive suite of benefits provided by healthy ecosystems includes, but is not limited to:

  • clean air
  • water filtration
  • carbon sequestration
  • cultural heritage
  • pollination
  • flood control
  • jobs, commerce, and value to local economies
  • recreational opportunities and open space for communities
  • renewable and nonrenewable energy
  • increased physical and psychological wellness

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