Urban Lot Property Boundaries and Encroachments

Property Boundary Management and Encroachments

Before implementing projects, the Forest Service conducts property boundary searches and surveys to identify property lines on urban lots. Property lines are identified to ensure management activities occur only on National Forest System land. Posted signs are intended to clearly identify these boundaries. The Forest Service has modified the size and shape of boundary signs used on urban lots to be more visually aesthetic than those of the general forest.

National Forest urban intermix parcels are public lands not to be claimed by individuals for private exclusive use. Nevertheless, unauthorized use of urban lots is a common problem wherever they adjoin developed private lands. Encroachments are usually detected when scheduled management activities are being conducted.

photo:  The photo shows a yellow, rectangular National Forest property boundary sign on a metal pos
The Forest Service uses these signs to mark the boundary of urban parcels. These signs are different than the ones used for the general forest.


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