Urban Lot Management Program

In 1991, the Forest Service initiated the Urban Lot Management Program to address management issues on urban intermix lands acquired through the Santini-Burton Purchase Program.  The Forest Service manages these lands with an emphasis on protecting water quality conditions and community open space.  The California Tahoe Conservancy and the Nevada Division of State Lands also have programs for acquisition and management of urban intermix lands.

Prior to their acquisition by the Forest Service and other agencies, little management had occurred on privately owned parcels.  By the early 1990’s drought stressed trees became highly susceptible to insect attack causing extensive tree mortality as well as increased public awareness.  With the establishment of the Urban Lot Management Program, the Forest Service began addressing these issues by removing dead trees on urban parcels.  In 1995, an Urban Lot Environmental Assessment was completed and allows the forest service to conduct expanded fuels reduction activities as well as other resource management projects on the parcels (Integrated Resource Management).

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[Photo]: Photo of an Urban lot acquired under the Santini-Burton Purchase Authority. There is a wooden pole fence in the foreground and Aspen trees with yellow leaves in the distance. In the background is a neighboring house.

This photo shows an urban lot acquired under the
Santini-Burton Purchase Authority, located in South Lake Tahoe, CA.