Dogs at Kiva Beach

Release Date: Jul 26, 2007

Taylor Creek Visitor Center (530) 543-2674

Leash Law and Restrictions Being Enforced

South Lake Tahoe, CA. --Most Lake Tahoe residents are familiar with the US Forest Service's Kiva Beach located along the shoreline west of the Tallac Historic Site and east of the mouth of Taylor Creek. However, the beach's long-standing dog policies still appear to be misunderstood. Dog-related problems persist on Kiva Beach. These include dogs off leash harassing the public and wildlife or dogs (supervised and unsupervised) in restricted areas.

Recently installed information signs along trails leading to Kiva Beach make it very clear about where dogs can and can't go. The forest service and county sheriff have stepped up enforcement in the area to insure the safety of the general public and wildlife in the protected areas.

No dogs are allowed on the federally protected wetlands west of Tallac Point (where the Lake of the Sky trail concludes).This is for the protection of wildlife in this fragile ecosystem. All wildlife in the protected wetlands are impacted negatively by dogs. Nesting or roosting birds including Bald Eagles, Herons, Egrets, Osprey, Killdeer and ducks view dogs as predators and flee from the area when dogs illegally roam the west end of the beach.

Where can dogs go on Kiva Beach? East of Tallac Point, dogs are permitted on leash (an El Dorado Country ordinance).

Remember, we are fortunate to have a public beach where dogs are allowed. Please abide by the laws and have a safe and enjoyable time on Kiva Beach.

[Photo]: Sign at Taylor Creek Visitor Center showing where dogs are allowed.