Campgrounds, Beaches and Forest Road Opening Dates

Tahoe Basin national forest campgrounds begin opening tomorrow 

June 11, 2020 - Tomorrow, June 12, 2020, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (LTBMU) concessionaires will begin opening developed campgrounds in the Lake Tahoe Basin. For a complete list, visit and read the news release at

Responsible recreation practices should be maintained at all times, including the following:

  • Practice Social Distancing. Provide space of at least 6 feet at all times during your visit.
  • Do Not Gather in Groups. Follow the latest guidance from officials.
  • Share the Trail. Alert other trail users of your presence and step aside to let them pass.
  • Pack Out Your Trash. Leave with everything you bring in and use.

Developed Campgrounds

Developed campgrounds offer a range of amenities for the tent or RV camper. All developed campgrounds at Lake Tahoe charge a fee and there are many around the Basin to choose from. Reservations must be made through The open season for campgrounds is dependent on snowfall, but they are generally open from mid-May to mid-October.  For more information on developed campgrounds as well as wilderness camping and campfire permits, visit

Taylor Creek Visitor Center

June 11, 2020 - Taylor Creek Visitor Center grounds are open, but no restrooms/trash service.

The Taylor Creek Visitor Center facilities (grounds open year-round) are generally open beginning Memorial Day weekend through the month of October. Hours may vary. Restrooms are available at the Visitor Center only during summer hours of operation. The Stream Profile Chamber closes 30 minutes before the Visitor Center. For more information, visit

Tallac Historic Site

June 11, 2020 - The Tallac Historic Site grounds are open, but no restrooms/trash service.

The Tallac Historic Site facilities (grounds are open year-round) are generally open Memorial Day weekend through mid-September. For more information, visit

Facility Open/Close Date
64 Acres Beach Partially Open
No Restrooms/Trash Service
64 Acres Riverside  Open
Angora Lookout Open
Angora Lakes Resort Open
Day use is open, but parking is extremely limited
Baldwin Beach Open
Bayview Campground Closed
Bayview Trailhead Partially Open
No parking/restrooms/trash service
Big Meadow Trailhead Open 
Blackwood Canyon Campground Closed
Blackwood Sno-Park Closed
Camp Richardson Resort Open
Chimney Beach Open
Portable Toilets/Hand Wash
Eagle Falls Trailhead Open
Echo Chalet Open 
Limited Services
Echo Lakes Trailhead Partially Open
No Restrooms/Trash Service
Explore Tahoe Closed
Fallen Leaf Campground Open
Glen Alpine Trailhead Open 
Glen Alpine Springs Interpretive Site Open
Kaspian Picnic Area Partially Open
No Restrooms/Trash Service
Kaspian Campground Closed
Kiva Picnic Area Open
Portable Toilets/Hand Wash
Inspiration Point Open
Logan Shoals Vista Point Partially Open
No Restrooms/Trash Service
Luther Pass Campground Closed
McKinney Rubicon Trailhead Open
Meeks Bay Day Use Area Open
Meeks Bay Campground Open
Meeks Bay Resort Scheduled to Open July 1
Meeks Trailhead Open
Nevada Beach Open
Nevada Beach Campground Open
Pope Beach Open
Round Hill Pines Resort Open
Sand Pit OHV area Partially Open
Sawmill Pond Picnic Area Open
Portable Hand Wash
Secret Harbor Open
Portable Toilets/Hand Wash
Stateline Lookout Partially Open
No Restrooms/Trash Service
Tallac Historic Site Partially Open
No Restrooms/Trash Service
Tallac Trailhead Open
No Restrooms/Trash Service
Tallac Point (Kiva Beach) Open
Portable Toilets/Hand Wash
Taylor Creek Sno-Park Closed
Taylor Creek Visitor Center Closed
Watson Lake Partially Open
No Restrooms/Trash Service
William Kent Day Use Area Open
William Kent Campground Open
Zephyr Cove Resort Open

Forest Roads and Gates

Pursuant to 36 CFR 212.51, opening and closing dates are determined by the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) for the Lake Tahoe Basin. To learn more about the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) or to download a copy, visit Free copies of the MVUM are available at the Forest Supervisor's office at 35 College Drive in South Lake Tahoe.  

The schedule for forest road and gate openings/closures is below.

Road Road Name Open/Close Dates
03 Barker Pass Rd. (mile post 0.000 to 2.300) Open
03 Barker Pass Rd. (mile post 2.300 to 7.140) Open
73 Mt. Watson Blvd. (16N71 alternative access is open) (mile post 0.000 to 11.000) Open
73 Mt. Watson Blvd. (16N71 alternative access is open) (mile post 11.000 to 14.200) Open
1110 Hawley Grade (west side of Bridge Tract) Open
1111 Bridge Tract (east side) Open
1201 Fountain Place Rd. (mile post 0.000 to 2.100) Open
1201 Fountain Place Rd. (mile post 2.100 to 4.330) Scheduled to Open June 30 (wildlife nesting area)
12N01A Saxon Creek Rd. Open
12N01D Hell Hole Rd. Open
1207 Rainbow Tract Open
12N08 Powerline Rd. (from substation to Columbine) Open
1213 Old Luther Hwy. Open
1213 Old Luther Hwy. (Big Meadow Parking) Open
1214 Angora Ridge Rd. Open
12N17 Saxon Tie Rd. Open
12N21 High Meadows (end of Columbine) Open
12N28 Sand Pit Open
12N30 Sawmill Pond Open
12N30A Twin Peaks Open
12N30B Twin Peaks Open
1304 Cathedral (mile post 0.180 to 2.754) Open
1304D Cathedral (mile post 0.000 to 0.171) Open
1306 Mt. Tallac Trailhead Open
1307 Spring Creek Open
1330 Emerald Bay (upper) Open
14N32 Genoa Peak Road (from Spooner Summit) Open
14N34A Noonchester Rd. Open
14N35 Genoa Peak Road (from Kingsbury Grade Open
14N40 Ellis Peak Rd. (off McKinney, Rubicon) Open
15N38 Blackwood Middlefork Open
15N60 Paige Meadows (Ward Blvd. & Silver Tip) Open
1565 Secret Harbor Parking Lot Open
16N49 Watson Creek Rd. Open
16N50 Watson Lake Rd. Open
16N52 Gasline Rd. (Hwy. 267 & Lake Vista Rd.) Open
16N55 Martis Slope Open
16N56 Martis Tie Open
16N57 Red Cedar Overlook Open
16N57A Red Cedar Overlook A spur Open
16N57B Red Cedar Overlook B spur Open
16N63 Carnelian Rd. Open
16N71 Mt. Watson Access Open
16N74 Sawmill Flat (intersection 73 & Fulton Cresent) Open
16N86 Beaver St. (mile marker 0.000 to 0.100) Open
16N86 Beaver St. Extension (mile marker 0.100 to 1.610) Open
16N87 Old Grist Mill Road Open
16N93 Regency Extension Open

Designation of a road, trail or area for motor vehicle use by a particular class of vehicle under 36 CFR 212.51 should not be interpreted as encouraging or inviting use or implying that the road, trail, or area is passable, actively maintained, or safe for travel. Motor vehicle designations include parking along designated routes when it is safe to do so and when not causing damage to National Forest System resources. Seasonal weather conditions and natural events may render designated roads and trails impassable for extended periods. Designated areas may contain dangerous or impassable terrain. Many designated roads and trails may be passable only by high-clearance vehicles or four-wheel-drive vehicles. Maintenance of designated roads and trails will depend on available resources, and many may receive little maintenance.