Lake Tahoe Basin Executive Committee

Federal Vision for the Environmental Improvement Program at Lake Tahoe

The Federal Interagency Partnership (FIP) and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) have completed "A Federal Vision for the Environmental Improvement Program at Lake Tahoe" dated June 2006.  The document,developed by the FIP and the TRPA, identifies our Vision, three goals, and four Environmental Improvement Program focus areas for Federal Agencies.



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Progress Reports on Federal Actions at Lake Tahoe


Background Information

Almost a decade ago, the TRPA developed a list of projects needed to stem the degradation of Lake Tahoe.  The projects became known as the Environmental Improvement Program.  TRPA hoped that the Federal Government would provide one-third of the funds needed to do the restoration work.  The rest would be shared by California, Nevada, and local jurisdictions.

President Clinton's 1997 visit spotlighted the value of the EIP and the Federal Government promised to provide its third.  During the 1997 Lake Tahoe Presidential Forum, the President issued Executive Order 13507 which created the Lake Tahoe Federal Interagency Partnership.  Federal agencies with management and research responsibilities at Lake Tahoe entered into the Partnership and agreed to work with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to integrate appropriate Federal programs and funds to achieve the goals on the Environmental Improvement Program.

The Federal Partnership completed a review and comment on the 1997 draft Environmental Improvement Programin August 1999 and found that the EIP is a viable framework for guiding implementation of actionsneeded to attain the environmental thresholds for the Tahoe Basin.

In 2001 the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act was signed.  This legislation authorized $300 millionfor the Federal share of the EIP. Significant funding became available with the 2003 amendment of theSouthern Nevada Public Lands Management Act (SNPLMA), which provided for $300 million dollars for Federal EIP projects over time.  The implementing agreement for the SNPLMA specifies a process for determining which EIP projects are funded, and includes input from Federal agencies and the Lake TahoeFederal Advisory Committee.


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