Employment Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to do ground-breaking, nationally recognized work?  The Malheur National Forest is the center of a nationally recognized effort that is doubling the scale of restoration in Eastern Oregon. 

Temporary Positions

Second Round of Temporary hiring for the 2022 season will be open from January 31st to February 7th.  Please click on the links below for more details. 

For all Districts and Supervisors Offices:  Click Here for Full List of Open Positions


General Information About Hiring

All permanent and temporary jobs are advertised through the USAJOBS website. You can search the openings by agency, location, salary range, or by "series" (a system for identifying the type of work). Some positions are only open to current Federal Employees; only the jobs open to everyone will be shown in the search results. Find our Federal Job Application Guidance here.

Before Forest Service job announcements are posted on the national site usajobs.gov, most permanent job opportunities can be found in the US Forest Service Outreach Database giving interested applicants an opportunity to learn more about the job requirements, duties, and duty station before the opening date of the vacancy announcement.

To find positions on the Malheur National Forest, simply search by location of John Day, Prairie City, or Hines, Oregon.

Opportunities for Students and Recent Graduates

Ongoing opportunities: You can always view current and upcoming Forest Service job opportunities across the nation online by clicking on our Forest Service job outreach page.

Check out the Natural Resource Career Guide created to help potential applicants navigate the challenges of securing a government position in the natural resource/land management arena and includes a section on USAJobs. 



Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Forest Service. The types of work a volunteer can perform are many and varied. Find more information about volunteering at the USDA Forest Service Volunteering Web Site. 

Additional items to assist with completing an application 

Review and understand the qualifications requirements for each position you are applying to.  

  • Each announcement has "Required Documents" and "Job Qualifications" section. Read the information and understand the what is required to apply for the position.  
  • Be specific in your resume ensure you add dates of employment along with the hours per week you work.
  • Ensure you have the most up to date supervisor contact information available in your resume.
  • If you are applying based on education or a combination of education/work experience, upload a current copy of your College Transcripts when submitting your application.
  • Spend the time and contact the locations where you are interested in working
  • Review the "How to Apply for a Federal Job" YouTube video
  • Useful Links
  • Pacific Northwest Regional hiring website filled with links to other forest and applicant information.
  • Forest Service Outreach Database: https://fsoutreach.gdcii.com/Outreach
  • Site provides an excellent way to search for positions within the forest service with the ability to narrow search to specific locations or disciplines.
  • National Forest Locator Map: http://www.fs.fed.us/locatormap/#
  • USA Jobs: https://www.usajobs.gov/
  • Starting point to search for any federal government position.  This is the starting point for all USFS positions.
  • USA Jobs Application Process: https://www.usajobs.gov/Help/faq/application/process/
  • If you have never applied to a federal position or need a review, the website provides basic information on the process and steps to a successful application. Watch the YouTube video as well.


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