Special Use Permits


If you are interested in holding a special event or conducting buisness on National Forest System lands, you will need a Special Use Permit. 
Common types of permit requests:


Weddings and other Noncommercial Group Uses

Permits are required for activities involving more than 75 people and/or when infrastructure is involved with a group event (for example: weddings, family reunions, company gatherings).  Some locations have a lower limit on the number of people permitted because of the limited availability of parking and for resource protection in sensitive areas.  Please contact the Special Uses Coordinator for more information.

Commercial Photography & Filming

The Forest Service permits commercial filming on public lands.  Like other commercial uses of National Forest lands and resources, commercial filming requires a special use permit issued by the Forest Supervisor or District Ranger.
All motion picture and video filming activities that use crews, special equipment and vehicles require a special use permit.
Commercial still photography requires a special use permit if it:
  1. Takes place at a location where members of the public are generally not allowed or where additional administrative costs are likely. 
  2. Uses models, sets, or props that are not part of the site’s national or cultural resources or administrative facilities. 
National forest visitors and recreation, professional and amateur photographers do not need a permit to take still photographs unless the still photography fall under one of either categories above.  If you are unclear as to if your activity requires a permit, please contact the local office for additional information.

Outfitting & Guiding Services

Outfitting and guiding on NFS lands for pecuniary remuneration, or other gain, requires a permit.  In the State of Oregon, outfitters and guides must also have a valid state license for commercial services, and in the State of Washington, guides who operate on white water rivers must also be licensed with the state.  The Oregon State Marine Board manages the licensing of outfitters and guide in Oregon.  Please visit the Oregon State Marine Board for license and regulation information. 

Recreation Events

Examples of recreation events on National Forest System lands that require a permit include: bicycle races, orienteering events, and rafting races.  Please contact Jared Bowman 541- 575- 3133 for further recreation events information.