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2021 Mushroom Guide (English)
GUÍA DE HONGOS 2021  Bosques Nacionales Malheur/Umatilla/Wallowa-Whitman Requisitos - Spanish Mushroon Guide
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Musroom Harvesting Information


Mushroom permits purchased on the Malheur National Forest are good on the Malheur, Wallowa-Whitman and the Umatilla National Forests. 

There are no official beginning and ending dates for mushroom harvesting. Mushrooms emerge in the spring. Lower elevation sites open first as spring weather arrives and higher elevation areas have limited access until later in the season.

Personal or Incidental Use: A permit is not required to harvest, possess, or transport less than one gallon in Oregon or less than five gallons in Washington. Free-use mushrooms cannot be sold, bartered, or given away.

Commercial Use permit required if:

  • You are 18 years or older and harvest mushrooms to sell, or;
  • You harvest, possess, or transport more than one gallon in Oregon or more than three gallons in Washington.
  • Overnight stays while commercially picking mushrooms requires a permit. See below.

Commercial mushroom picking is prohibited in wilderness areas.  

  • Possessing more than one gallon of mushrooms within Oregon wilderness areas or
    five gallons within Washington wilderness areas is considered commercial and therefore prohibited.

Government isued identification (ID) must be in the Permittee's possession while harvesting and transporting forest products.

Day permit (minimum 10 days)

$2 per day ($20 minimum)

Annual permit

$100 (valid until December 31st of the issued year)


For daily permits, the days assigned to the permit will be consecutive on the Umatilla and Wallowa Whitman National Forests.  The days can be assigned as non-consecutive on the Malheur National Forest.

A Recreation Pass may be required at participaing trail-heads on the Umatilla and Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.  Not all trailheads require a pass and those that do will be signed accordingly.  The Malheur Forest does not have any participating Recreation Pass sites.

Camping while commercially picking: An Industrial Camping Permit is required if you plan to camp overnight on National Forest Lands while commercially picking mushrooms. Commercial pickers are prohibited from camping in developed campgrounds.  Industrial Camping Permits can can only be obtained at the only be obtained at the District Office where you will be camping.  Each District may have different industrial camping requirements, please check with the local District Office for more information.

Buyer's Permit: Buyers Permits are not issued on the Malheur National Forest. For more information on buyer’s permits, contact the forest you would like to utilize directly.