Freedom of Information Act Requests

Freedom of Information Act Requests

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and USDA regulations at 7 CFR, any person can request access to USDA Forest Service (FS) records.  FOIA requires the Forest Service to allow the public to have access unless the information is exempt under FOIA from mandatory disclosure (for example, classified national security, business proprietary, personal privacy, investigative).

Some pointers:

  • Your request must be in writing.
  • Indicate that you are making a request under FOIA.
  • Identify the records you want as accurately as possible.  Include as much detail as possible to aid the FOIA Coordinator in locating the information (subject matter, dates, places are all useful).
  • FA request can only be for records that are in existence at the time of the FOIA request.
  • Include your address and phone number so that the FOIA Coordinator may contact you if there are any questions about your request.

For detailed information go to the USDA FOIA web page:


Manti-La Sal National Forest FOIA Coordinator