Road and Trail Conditions

Current Conditions

To ensure public safety and prevent resource damage, the Forest asks the public to respect road and trail closures and take an alternate route if they come upon a damaged or flooded road or trail. It is also important that forest users refrain from driving or hiking on soft, muddy roads or trails and choose more hardened designated routes until ground conditions change. Proper and responsible use of the Forest’s road and trail systems are important to ensure roads and trails remain in good condition for all visitors. 

Moab and Monticello Ranger District - Roads & Conditions Report - May 10, 2024 Update

Ferron/Price & Sanpete Ranger District - Roads & Conditions Report - May 22, 2024 Update


  • Travel Safely

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    Accessibility of the various roads and trails on the Manti-La Sal National Forest depends on the time of year and the weather. Conditions may differ depending on the location and elevation.  Some Forest road and trail conditions can be predicted, others cannot. Unpredictable events of nature can produce road hazards which may not be cleared upon your arrival. Please make sure to check conditions before visiting by calling the Ranger District Offices, especially during seasonal changes. 

    Be flexible and enjoy the journey!

Reporting Road/Trail Damage

The public is asked to report any road/trail damage and flood concerns to their closest Ranger District Office

If calling about road/facilities damage, please provide this helpful information: 

  • Ranger District (Moab, Monticello, Ferron/Price or Sanpete Offices)
  • County
  • Forest Service road or trail number
  • Location or directions (e.g. mileage from the start of the road/trail or intersection)
  • If possible, map or GPS coordinates
  • Description of damage (culvert out, flooding, ruts, slide, washout, etc.)
  • Name, telephone number, and email of person reporting damage (in case Ranger District has additional questions.)
  • Provide any cell phone photos (if possible one photo showing scale of the damage)



  • Winter Recreation Tips

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    National Forest System land can provide stunning scenery and recreational opportunities during the winter, but it is important to be aware of the dangers and risks associated with winter weather. Snowstorms, freezing temperatures, prolonged exposure to cold winds and possible avalanches in some areas are all concerns when recreating in the winter months. 

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