Finding your way to the Manti-La Sal . . .

Forest Vicinity MapThink of the Manti-La Sal as a group of far-flung islands of forest that are scattered from central Utah to southeastern Utah and western Colorado. The Sanpitch Mountains and the Wasatch Plateau are closest to the urban areas of the Wasatch Front.  Far to the southeast are two other islands of Forest, the La Sal mountains, and the Abajo/Elk Ridge mountains.

The Wasatch Plateau is the largest forest island, and is surrounded by a diverse landscape.  To the west are the pastoral valleys of Sanpete and on the east is the desert country of the San Rafael Swell.  We have divided this area into six recreation areas to help you find your way:  The Sanpitch, Spanish Fork-Scofield, North Sanpete, JoesValley-Millers Flat-Huntington Canyon, South Sanpete, and Ferron-Muddy.

Just over 200 miles to the south near Moab, Utah are the La Sal Mountains.  These high snow-capped peaks are often photographed as a backdrop for the red-rock landscape of Arches National Park. The La Sals extend west into Colorado.  This island has been divided into four recreation areas:  Gateway, La Sal Loop, Two-Mile, and Buckeye-Carpenter Ridge.

Another 50 miles to the south , near Monticello, Utah, is another island of forest that includes the Abajo Mountains, Elk Ridge, and the Dark Canyon Wilderness Area. These areas are near Canyonlands National Park, Natural Bridges National Monument and north of the Glen Canyon Recreation Area.  There are two recreation areas here: Abajo-Harts Draw and Elk Ridge-Dark Canyon.