Species of Conservation Concern (SCC)

Species of Conservation Concern are a species “... other than federally recognized threatened, endangered, proposed, or candidate species, that is known to occur in the plan area and for which the regional forester has determined that the best available scientific information indicates substantial concern about the species’ capability to persist over the long-term in the plan area.” [36 CFR 219.9(c)] During the Forest Plan Revision process, we will be evaluating species within the planning area to determine whether they meet the SCC criteria. Those meeting the criteria will be identified as such, and appropriate management will be undertaken to protect them. The following documents explain the SCC process in greater detail.


Manti-La Sal National Forest Potential SCC Review Procedural Report

SCC Trifold

SCC Criteria Flowchart

SCC Procedural Flowchart

SCC Public Comment Summary - March 2017


SCC Resources

SCC Washington Office Inquiry

Applying the 2012 Planning Rule to Conserve Species: A Summarized Practitioner’s Reference

Intermountain Region Website - Species of Conservation Concern

Intermountain Region Species of Conservation Concern February 4, 2016

FSH 1909.12 - Forest Service Land Management Planning Handbook - Chapter 10


SCC Reviews

The SCC selection process in an iterative process that includes input and coordination amongst the Regional Office (RO), the Forest, and the Public.

The process is currently on-going, and the documents below represent the internal documents completed to date. They should not be interpreted or used as the final decisional documents. Please see the SCC Criteria and Procedural flowcharts above for additional information on the selection criteria and process.