Public Participation

The Manti-La Sal National Forest is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for participation and collaboration throughout the Forest Plan Revision process for the Public, State, Local and Tribal governments, and communities.

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Effective public participation provides a variety of benefits and is critical to the development of forest plans so that both the plan, and projects implemented under the plan, can reflect diverse needs of the Forest and surrounding communities.  Public participation is intended to both inform the public and provide opportunities for the Agency to accept feedback throughout the planning process. To learn more, watch How to Shape your National Forests.

Effective public participation:

  • Creates better, more resilient forest plans
  • Builds and maintains working relationships, trust, capacity and commitment to the Plan
  • Allows for shared learning and understanding between the Agency and the Public
  • Promotes a common understanding of facts and issues that affect the planning process
  • Helps keep the public informed through a lengthy and complex planning process and can help participants focus on the opportunities for making contributions


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Public Participation Library

Here you can find key documents related to Public participation in Forest Plan Revision

This document is intended to help you understand the Forest Plan Revision process and your opportunities for working with the Forest Service to influence the process. 

Public Meetings and Open Houses

The Manti-La Sal National Forest will host public meetings and workshops throughout the Plan revision process in order to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the public and the Forest. 

These engagement opportunities are designed to inform the public, provide an opportunity to ask questions, and to solicit feedback on the current stage of Forest Plan Revision. 

Use the links below to find information about upcoming opportunities for engagements, or to view documents shared at previous meetings






The Manti-La Sal National Forest has transitioned from the Assessment to the Plan Development phase. Similar to the Assessment phase, the Forest will be hosting a series of pre-scoping Public Open Houses in Fall of 2018 where draft plan components will be shared for comment. 


Upcoming Meetings

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October/November 2018 Open Houses

June/July 2017 Open Houses

November 2016 Public Workshops

September 2016 Open Houses

July/August 2016 Open Houses


Public Review and Comment Periods


There are no current Review and Comment Periods.


Previous Public Comment Periods

February 2018 Comment Period

Fall 2018 Comment Period