Fall 2018 Review Period

Thank you for your on-going interest in the Manti-La Sal National Forest’s Plan Revision process!  The Forest has released several draft documents for review and would like your feedback.


Dates: 8 October – 9 November, 2018

Documents Available for Review


Comment Submission

Comments may be submitted to the Forest thru November 9, 2018 in the following ways:

  • Email mlnfplanrevision@fs.fed.us

  • Fax (435) -637-4940

  • Hand delivered/sent by postal mail to the Manti-La Sal Supervisor's Office  599 West Price River Drive, Price, Utah 84501 by November 9, 2018.  

    Questions? Call the Forest Plan Revision Team (435) -637- 3508 or attend an upcoming Public Open House


Forest Plan Revision - Current Stage

During the last round of Public Meetings in Summer 2017 and Review period in Spring of 2018, the Forest was in Phase I of Forest Plan revision, the Assessment Phase.  The Forest has transitioned to Phase II, the Plan Development phase, of Plan Revision.  To learn more about public participation in this phase, or to view a calendar of public open houses, click here.


Phase 1: Assessment 2016-2018Phase Two: Plan Development 2018-2022Phase 3: Monitoring 2022+





Draft Plan Components

The 2012 Planning Rule (36 CFR 219.7) provides guidance to the Forest on the required parts of a Forest Plan including the draft Distinctive Roles and Contributions, Geographic and Management Areas, and Desired Conditions and Objectives that are included in the Fall 2018 Review Period.  To learn more, see Chapter 20 of the Forest Service Handbook (FSH 1909.12). 

The Manti-La Sal National Forest has developed several initial draft plan components and has released them for review and feedback.  The Forest will revise the initial draft plan components by incorporating feedback from the Fall 2018 Review period, including feedback from the public, Cooperating Agencies, Tribal partners, and internal agency reviews.

A more complete, and revised, set of initial draft plan components will be available for review and feedback in Spring of 2019 when the Forest anticipates initiating Scoping for the Manti-La Sal National Forest’s Forest Plan Revision. 

There will be additional opportunities for review and feedback as the draft Revised Forest Plan is developed during Phase II (2018 – 2022). 


Visit the Plan Development page for definitions and additional information



Wilderness Evaluation Process

Using feedback from the February 2018 Review Period (Wilderness, Wild & Scenic River, and Scenery Management System), the Forest has revised the initial draft Wilderness Evaluation Narratives and developed a Draft Wilderness Evaluation Report which provides a summary for the Evaluation Step (Step 2 of 4) in the Wilderness Evaluation Process.

The Forest is seeking feedback on the Draft Wilderness Evaluation Report, ensuring that the report is accurate and complete, especially the individual Unit Summaries which will be used to help inform the Responsible Official while identifying which units, if any, should be considered for Analysis in Step 3. 

The Forest is also seeking feedback on how to identify units for Analysis (Step 3 of 4).


Priority Watershed

Identification of priority watersheds is completed as part of the plan revision process to focus maintenance and restoration of watershed conditions in priority areas as part of the plan (36 CFR 219.7(f)(1)). The number of watersheds identified in the plan for maintenance or improvement should correspond to reasonable and achievable plan objectives for a 5-year period and within current budget levels.

Key Contacts

Forest Plan Revision Team
Phone: 435-636-3508
Megan Eno - Acting Team Lead