Mammoth Discovery Site

Mammoth Discovery Site Map

Scientist believe that, at the end of the Ice Age as the climate was becoming drier and warmer, the mammoth retreated to the colder mountain setting in search of food.  Preserved intestinal contents show that he was subsisting on a meager diet of fir needles. Slowed by age and arthritis, the old bull died near the summit of Huntington Canyon.  Its body was probably covered by seasonal snow and ice and then exposed many times before it finally sank entirely.  It may have been one of the last of its kind.

You can visit the Mammoth Discovery Site on Utah SR-31, and see models of the skeleton at the Fairview Museum of History and Art in Fairview, UT or the USU-CEU Prehistoric Museum in Price, UT.

To reach the Mammoth Discovery site, you can travel east on SR-31 from its junction with US 89 in Fairview or travel west from its junction with SR-10 in Huntington, UT.