Manti-La Sal Resource Advisory Committee

The Manti-La Sal Resource Advisory Committee is searching for members!  

This is your chance to do good for your community and the forest you love.

If you live in San Juan, Emery, or Sanpete County, apply to become a member of the Manti-La Sal Resource Advisory Cmmittee.

The committee reviews grant proposals submitted by local governments, Forest Service program managers, and non-governmental organizations seeking to fund projects that would benefit the Forest and communities. It then recommends projects for funding to the Forest Supervisor.

There are vacancies galore, so you probably fit one of the categories. (Each member of the committee represents a category)

Replacement members sit in for absent members in their category.

You can download a member application here. Fill it out completely, then either email to: or mail to: Manti-La Sal National Forest, 599 W. Price River Drive, Price, UT 84501. If you have questions call 435-636-3500.

At least two candidates are needed for each vacancy, so don't think we won't be interested in your application.

table showing RAC vacancies

What happens next?

  1. The Forest Service submits the application to the Secretary of Agriculture.
  2. The Department of Agriculture performs a background check.
  3. The Secretary of Agriculture approves the final appointment.


We hope you apply!