Access Updates

Conditions change quickly, check with the ranger district office in the area you plan to visit to get the most current information about National Forest System Roads and trails. District-specific information is listed below in alphabetical order by District.

Access may become limited for many reasons, some for safety while crews work to remove hazard trees, some due to weather and others due to damage, repairs or maintenance. When you are in the National Forest always watch for falling trees.

Check MBRTB Forest Orders for more information on some closures listed below.

Brush Creek/Hayden Ranger District

 as of 06/17/2021

  • Battle Pass (WY Hwy 70) and Snowy Range Scenic Byway (WY Hwy 130) are open.
  • Cabins are currently reservable through with enhanced cleaning procedures and minimum stays required.
  • Seasonal road closure at high elevations will remain in effect until snow begins to melt and the roads are dry and passable. 
  • Ryan Park, Lincoln Park, South Brush Creek, Six Mile, French Creek, Bottle Creek, Lost Creek, Bow River and Jack Creek Campgrounds are open for the season with trash and bathroom services. Water is not currently available but will be in the coming weeks. All other campgrounds are inaccessible at this time.
    • Six Mile Campground is having new toilet facilities installed and will only have portable restrooms will be available temporarily.
  • Trash receptacles in the Sierra Madre Range are still locked. Please pack out all trash.
  • Deep Creek and Silver Lake are gated and blocked with snow at this time.
  • There is an occupancy/use closure in effect along the North Platte River Corridor that prohibits overnight camping within 1000 feet of the river on National Forest System Lands. This is intended to mitigate safety risks in the Mullen Fire burned area. Day use and river passage are still permitted, with users encouraged to be vigilant of potential hazards.

Douglas Ranger District

 as of 06/22/2021

  • All Douglas Ranger District Campgrounds are open in the Laramie Peak and Thunder Basin National Grassland areas.
  • Visitors are reminded that not all roads/trails on GPS/maps are open for public access.  Please consult the Motor Vehicle Use Map for the area you are in to determine public access. Ranger Districts are also a good resource for determining if roads at higher elevations are passable and snow-free as the seasons change.

Thunder Basin National Grassland  

  • Conditions in many places are ROUGH - Drive SLOW.
  • In the mining areas, County Roads 4 and 30 have been relocated and are not accurately depicted on current maps. Do not rely on the map to determine your location. Use a GPS and/or web based mapping solutions to determine your current location

Hahns Peak/Bears Ears Ranger District

as of 6/22/2021

  • Seedhouse, Hahns Peak, Freeman, Hinman Park, Dumont and Dry Lake campgrounds are open. All other campgrounds are opened as conditions permit
    • Dispersed camping on the forest is open year-round.
      • Seedhouse Guard Station will be unavailable for reservations in the summer.
  • Reservable campgrounds include- Dumont Lake, Hahns Peak Lake, and Seedhouse. Reservations are able to be made on Please check for reservation availability.
    • If campgrounds are opened before first reservable date, campgrounds are operated as first-come first-serve.
    • All other campgrounds are first-come first-serve.
    • None of the campgrounds have hook-ups.
  • Seedhouse road (FSR 400) is open to Slavonia trail head.
  • The 1st gate and 2nd gate on Buffalo Pass is open.
    • Summit campground is still inaccessible.
  • Please check the Motor Vehicle Use Map for road specific opening dates. Seasonal weather conditions and natural events may render designated roads and trails impassable for extended periods. Please use your best judgement as designated areas may contain dangerous terrain.

Laramie Ranger District

as of 6/21/2021

  • There is a Stage 1 Fire Restriction on all Medicine Bow-Routt NF, you can only have fires in developed recreation sites. 
  • The Little Laramie TH is closed until further notice. The bridge is not passable, the River Trail is closed until further notice
  • Snowy Range Scenic Byway (WY Hwy 130) and all roads on Pole Mountain are open for the season. Most designated campgrounds are not yet open, see note below.
  • Pole Mountain Campgrounds Open:
    • Vedauwoo Campground, Gazebo, and Picnic Area opened for the season on 5/27/21. Water available.
    • Tie City Campground and Day Use is open as of 6/16/21
  • Snowy Range Campgrounds Open:
    • North Fork Campground is open as of 6/16/21
    • Libby Creek Pine and Willow Campgrounds are open as of 6/18/21
    • Rob Roy Campground is open as of 6/18/21. Water available.
      • Dispersed camping on the forest is open year-round.
      • All campgrounds on the Laramie Ranger District are on a first come first served basis, they are not reservable. None of the campgrounds have hook ups. 
  • None of the reservable cabins on the Laramie Ranger District will be available this year due to forest fires and vandalism. This includes the Spruce Mountain Fire Lookout, Little Brooklyn Guard Station, Keystone Cabins, and Snow Survey Cabin. 
  • There is an occupancy/use closure in effect along the North Platte River Corridor that prohibits overnight camping within 1000 feet of the river on National Forest System Lands. This is intended to mitigate safety risks in the Mullen Fire burned area. Day use and river passage are still permitted, with users encouraged to be vigilant of potential hazards.


Parks Ranger District

as of 06/18/2021

  • The Routt National Forest is in Stage I Fire Restrictions.  Unless you are in a Developed Fee Area Campground with approved Fire Grates, NO wood-burning or charcoal fires are allowed.  Alternative fueled containers with ON-OFF switches are allowed.  Smoking is prohibited and chainsaws and welding activities have special requirement.  NO fireworks or explosives may be used on USFS Lands.
  • Logging Operations:  Bluegill Timber Sale is active on NFSRs 750; 740, and 740.2c; NFST 1227 is closed from NFSR 750 to NFSR 40, Hidden Lakes Salvage is active on NFSR 60 and 20
  • N. Platte River Corridor is closed to camping from south of the put-in to Savage Run Creek.  Floating; hiking and fishing is allowed
  • FS Trail 1129 (Lone Pine Trail to Katherine Lake (still frozen) and Big Horn is open to lakes, but there is nowhere to camp, and creeks are running high.  Please use caution.
  • Big Creek (water at DU area by site 7 and 1st spigot on the Upper Loop) and Hidden Lakes Campgrounds (No Water but can get water at Teal Lake CG) are open, $10.00 p/night.  Restrooms and trash are available
  • Teal and Pines Campgrounds are open, $10.00 p/night with water: restrooms and trash available.
  • Aspen Campground is CLOSED.
  • Buffalo Pass is CLOSED and gated and won’t be open until after July 4th.  
  • BLM opened CR21 in the Grouse Mtn area.  All FSRs into the E. Troublesome burn area are closed.
  • Some of single tract trails in the Willow Creek area have been cleared and are open.  Call for more information.
  • Open Forest Service Roads
    • 620 Hidden Lakes (trees down)
    • 80W (Hog Park)
    •  82.1 (Encampment Trail Head)
    • 7 Lakes TH 1125 to (Big Creek Falls)
    • 700 (Slack Weiss)
    • 720 (Green Ridge)
    • 735 (Willow)
    • 740 (Calamity)
    • 750 (Illinois)
    • 895 (North Gate Camp Creek – Pinkham Mtn)
    • 889 (Upper Camp Creek, trees down)

Yampa Ranger District

as of 06/10/2021

  • All campgrounds (except for Sheriff's Reservoir are now accessible) However, currently there will be no trash or water services at any of our campgrounds. 
  • All campers should come prepared with plenty of water and their own trash bags and pack all trash out.
  • Hikers should come prepared for winter conditions and post-holing. Trails generally melt out by late June.