Thunder Basin Grassland Restoration & Prairie Dog Colony Management

Prairie Dog, Riis/USFS


This site is intended to serve as an information repository for Thunder Basin Prairie Dog Colony Management.  It will be periodically updated, as new information becomes available. 

Current Happenings

  • The Forest Service has convened coordination meetings and site visits with grazing associations, state agencies, county weed and pest organizations, permittees, land owners and NGO’s in order to develop a shared understanding of issues regarding prairie dog colony management on the Thunder Basin National Grassland.
  • The intent is to provide a foundation for a collaborative environment to cultivate short and long-term solutions to prairie dog colony impacts on the Grassland. The Forest Service is encouraging groups to work together to develop management alternatives for the agency to consider, which will be durable and provide for the long-term success of the Grassland.

Prairie Dog #2, Riis/USFS


Recent Management Strategy Highlights

  • Category 1 and 2 boundaries have been adjusted to better respond to private landowner concerns while providing sufficient habitat for black-tailed prairie dogs and other associated species
  • Decision Screens have been updated to reflect changes to the Strategy
  • Categories 3 and 4 have been combined into a single category to enhance management efficiencies
  • ‘Designated’ control colonies have been eliminated to maximize flexibility for where control efforts may occur
  • Future, site-specific NEPA analyses will be considered for the use of new rodenticides, as they become approved for Forest Service use
  • An adaptive management approach is emphasized in the updated Strategy
  • Consistency with Wyoming Game and Fish Department prairie dog translocation policy has been clarified
  • Development of a prairie dog collaborative working group has been initiated
  • The Strategy recommends development of an annual implementation plan

Thunder Basin National Grassland Plan Information

2015 Prairie Dog Conservation Assessment & Management Strategy

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Historic Information

Original 2009 Prairie Dog Conservation Assessment & Management Strategy

1981 USFS Prairie Dog Environmental Assessment

*NOTE: Special Order 2016-008 has been rescinded until 3/8/18. See news release below:

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