Laws and Directives

The Forest Service's Recreation Special Uses Program is regulated by various laws and polices. Information on these laws and policies, is provided here.

Code of Federal Regulations

The Code of Federal Regulations is the codification of the general and permanent rules and regulations published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the federal government. 36 CFR 251, Subpart B is the complete list of regulations governing special use permits on National Forest System land.

Federal Register

The Federal Register provides notice of federal regulations, along with public meetings, hearings, rule changes, investigations, or other public matters. The "Final Directives for Outfitting and Guiding Special Use Permits and Insurance Requirements for Forest Service Special Use Permits" was published on September 17, 2008.

Forest Service Directives

The agency’s directives consist of the Forest Service Manual and Handbooks, which organizes the agency's policy, practice, and procedure. The system serves as the primary basis for the internal management and control of all programs and the primary source of administrative direction to employees.

Forest Service Manual

Forest Service Manuals (FSM) contains legal authorities, objectives, policies, responsibilities, instructions, and guidance needed by the Forest Service in order to execute assigned programs and activities. FSM 2700- Special Uses Management, Zero Code provides an overview of special uses policies. FSM 2700-Special Uses Management, Chapter 2710- Special Use Authorizations contains guidance on Recreation Special Uses.  FSM 1900- Planning, Chapter 1950- Environmental Policy and Procedures contains guidance on National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)- a required component of the permitting process.

Forest Service Handbook

Forest Service Handbooks (FSH) are the principal source of specialized guidance and instruction for carrying out the direction issued in FSM's. FSH 2709.11 is the Special Uses Handbook. "Chapter 10- Application and Authorization Processing", "Chapter 20- Cost Recovery", "Chapter 30- Fee Determination", and "Chapter 50- Outfitting and Guiding and Other Concession Services" provide information that may be of interest to applicants and permit holders. FSH 1909.15- National Environmental Policy Handbook provides information on NEPA.

Forest Plan (Forest Land and Resource Management Plan)

Each forest has their own forest plan, which guides all natural resource management activity and establishes management standards and guidelines for that forest. The Routt National Forest Plan was last revised in 1997.