Transplant Permits

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Standard Program Information

You may dig trees, flowers and bushes from the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests for transplant to your yard or property, with a permit. Permits can be obtained in person at any of our ranger district offices. Permits cost $10 per tree with a $20 minimum purchase or two permits. For each permit, you may dig 1 tree, 1 bush, or 3 plants. The maximum number of permits per calendar year per household is five. The maximum height for transplants is 6 feet for evergreens and 10 feet for deciduous plants.

Trees to be transplanted must come from a stand of trees (no lone tree) such that when the tree has been removed there are additional remaining trees within 20 feet of the selected tree. 

Limber pine (Pinus flexilis) and whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) may NOT be transplanted.  These pines can be identified by needles which grow in bundles of five.

Deliberate or incidental transplant of any USFWS threatened, endangered, or candidate species or any USFS Region 2 sensitive species is PROHIBITED.  Knowledge of these species is the permittee’s responsibility.

Motorized equipment such as tree spades or backhoes are not authorized for digging transplants. Only hand tools can be used. A Transplant Load Ticket must be attached to the transplant before it is dug from the ground. The permit must be signed and secured on the tree before leaving the digging site and at all times when transporting. Permittee must backfill holes created by digging transplants.

Where Can I Dig?

Most areas on our Forests are open to digging transplants. Please contact your local Ranger District for exceptions.


  • You must dig at least 100 feet from any road or trail.
  • You may not dig transplants from or within 100 feet from any campground, picnic area, recreation residence or scenic pullout.
  • Wilderness Areas, Research Natural Areas, and Special Interest Areas are closed to digging transplants.
  • The Pole Mountain/Vedauwoo Area on the Laramie Ranger District and the Fish Creek Falls Recreation Area on the Hahn’s Peak-Bears Ears Ranger District are closed to digging and removing transplants.
  • It is the permittee’s responsibility to ensure they are not in a restricted area.
  • You may not dig within 300 yards (one-quarter mile) of the Bear River Road (FR 900), on the Yampa Ranger District.
  • You may not dig within 500 feet of Wyoming Highway 130 or Wyoming Highway 70

How do I transplant successfully?

Click on the following links for tried and true tips to successful transplanting: