Invasive plant treatments are starting soon

New and existing invasive plant infestations across the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (MBS) have been identified and are proposed for herbicide treatment beginning in late spring.

The MBS continues to take an integrated approach to treating invasive plants using manual, biological, and herbicide treatments. Prior to treatment, the MBS works to provide notification to the public for outlining where herbicide treatments will be conducted.

To enhance public awareness of proposed herbicide treatments, an interactive map was developed which allows users the ability to focus into the exact location where herbicide use is expected. In addition to the map of proposed areas, there is an accompanying table which lists the type of invasive (weed) being treated, the size of infestation, and the site name (along with Ranger District) to help filter results based on user interest.  

All proposed treatments are consistent with the 2015 MBS Invasive Plant EIS and have been cleared for treatment by cultural, aquatic, wildlife, and botany resources managers.

To view the interactive map of proposed herbicide treatments:


For more information on timing and location of herbicide treatments, please contact:

 Invasive Species and Pesticide Use Coordinator

 Jonathane Schmitt

 Phone:  360-436-2334