Numerous Road and Trail Washouts Following Recent Storm Events

Heavy bouts of precipitation and wind brought in from recent storms have left many of the roads and trails within the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest either impassible, or inaccessible.

USDA Forest Service (USFS) officials are urging travelers and visitors alike to check road conditions before entering the forest.  Roads within the system received varying degrees of damage; and most importantly, not all areas have been assessed.  Anyone planning on visiting the forest should be prepared to encounter washouts and landslides that have not yet been reported.  The USFS is asking visitors to help inform fellow travelers and stay safe by following these tips:

  • USFS road and trail condition reports may not be up to date.  Please inform your local ranger station of any un-reported washouts or slides.
  • If you are visiting the forest, be sure to check conditions immediately before heading out.
  • Keep in mind that even with the current drier weather, there is still an elevated threat of landslides.  Landslides can continue for multiple days following the start of the event.
  • Be sure to bring shovels, extra clothing, water, and additional safety equipment.  It’s very common for even trucks and all-wheel drive vehicles to get stuck during periods of heavy precipitation.
  • Finally, never enter closed areas within the forest.  Barriers and signs should always be followed despite your weekend plans – closures are in place for your safety!