CERCLA Cleanup Projects

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) process assesses site conditions, evaluates hazards to humans and the natural environment, determines the level of cleanup required and selects an appropriate cleanup alternative.

Projects on this list have been or currently are being investigated for potential human health and environmental impacts. Various stages are represented, including Investigation (Abbreviated Preliminary Assessment, Site Inspection), Alternative Evaluation (Risk Assessment, Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis) and Cleanup (Removal Action). Progression through the stages depends on findings and recommendations from the preceding stage. Each project contains all available documents.

Administrative Record Files

Azurite Mine

Kromona Mine and Millsite

Monte Cristo Mining Area (MCMA)

Letters to the forest

Monte Cristo quick facts [PDF, 1 page 85 kb]

Rainy Mine and Millsite

Rainy Mine Removal Update:
Removal Activities and access restrictions at the Rainy Mine will continue through November 6, 2011. Work delays have resulted from a General Closure order due to fire danger in September, and heavy rains in October.

Sunset Mine and Millsite

Index Bornite Mine

Cashman Millsite

BNSF Railroad

Index Shooting Range