Forest History Timeline

1893—2.25 million acres; Pacific Forest Reserve, WA (included what is today Mt. Rainier National Park)

1897-1898—eight million acres in Washington, Washington Forest Reserve in northern Cascades; Mt. Rainier Forest Reserve in the southern Cascades President Grover Cleveland proclaimed Mount Rainier Forest Reserve, incorporating the Pacific Forest Reserve

1899—Mount Rainier National Park created out of the Mount Rainier Forest Reserve

1908—Washington Forest Reserve divided into two forests: northern—Washington National Forest; southern—Snoqualmie National Forest

1924—Washington National Forest renamed Mt. Baker National Forest

1926—Mt. Rainier National Park boundary expanded

1933—Mineral, White River, Naches, and Tieton Ranger Districts transferred from the Rainier National Forest to the Snoqualmie National Forest and the Rainier dissolved

1968—North Cascades National Park and Ross Lake National Recreation Area created out of the Mt. Baker National Forest (301,000 acres)

1969—Mineral District dissolved; land transferred to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest

1973—Mt. Baker and Snoqualmie National Forests merged; Naches and Tieton Districts of the Snoqualmie National Forest transferred to the Wenatchee National Forest