Wilderness Regulations

Wilderness Permits

  • Day-use and overnight visitors to the the Alpine Lakes Wilderness will need to fill-out a free, self-issue permit available at ranger stations and trailheads. Carry a copy of the permit with you and deposit a portion in the box at the trailhead.
  • Overnight visitors to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Enchantment Lakes area in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest June 15 - Oct. 15 must obtain a special overnight Wilderness permit. 

Nation-wide Wilderness Regulations

Motorized equipment and equipment used for mechanical transport is prohibited. This includes the use of motor vehicles, motorboats, motorized equipment, bicycles, hang gliders, wagons, carts, portage wheels, and the landing of aircraft including helicopters.

Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Wilderness Regulations

Motorized and mechanized equipment

  • Motorized and mechanized equipment are not allowed, including bicycles, carts, wagons, chainsaws, hang gliders and off-road vehicles and other wheeled vehicles, landing aircraft, air dropping or picking up supplies, materials or people are prohibited.

Maximum party-size

  • A limit of 12 for a group, in any combination of people and pack and saddle animals, is the rule for wilderness areas. Groups exceeding 12 must divide into physically and logistically separate parties and maintain a minimum distance of one-mile separation.

Shortcutting trails

  • Shortcutting trails and switchbacks are prohibited, as this damages the trails, soil and vegetation.

Protection and restoration

  • Some areas are closed to allow the natural vegetation a chance to recover after years of heavy recreation use. Do not walk or camp in areas posted as being closed for restoration.

Livestock feed


  • Do not build campfires where posted as prohibited. Campstoves are recommended in all wilderness locations.

Caching restrictions

  • Leaving or storing equipment, personal property or supplies is prohibited. Do not leave items unattended for more than 48 hours. This will reduce the chances of wildlife scattering equipment and supplies and keep the landscape free from signs of human activity.

No Cutting Allowed

  • Cutting standing green trees, snags and boughs is prohibited. Healthy trees and decrepit snags are important components of the ecosystem.