Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument Planning

Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument


The proclamation for the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument (Monument) was signed on July 10, 2015 by President Obama dedicating approximately 330,000 acres of public land within the proclamation border. Approximately 197,000 acres of the Monument are administered by the FS and about 133,000 by the BLM. The USFS shall manage that portion of the Monument within the boundaries of the National Forest system (NFS), and BLM shall manage the remainder of the Monument. Here is the boundary map.  

Public Involvement

The FS and BLM are committed to open and engaging public processes. A Public Participation Strategy provides a framework for communication, contribution and participation among all parties involved, or desiring involvement during the planning process. 

In 2016, there were three Community Conversations held - in Upper Lake, Winters and Willows. We appreciate all of the community members who took time out of their evenings to stop by and let us know their interests within the Monument. Here is the report from those conversations.


The proclamation directs the agencies to jointly prepare a management plan for the Monument. While the FS and BLM are governed by different laws and policies, the agencies share many common goals as they work together on the Monument Management Plan (Plan).

The Plan will develop strategic guidance and direction necessary to protect the objects of historic or scientific interest for which the Monument was designated in the proclamation. 

Next Steps