Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument

Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument


The proclamation for the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument (Monument) was signed on July 10, 2015 by President Obama dedicating approximately 330,000 acres of public land within the proclamation border. Approximately 197,000 acres of the Monument are administered by the FS and about 133,000 by the BLM. The USFS shall manage that portion of the Monument within the boundaries of the National Forest system (NFS), and BLM shall manage the remainder of the Monument. Here is the boundary map.  

The proclamation directed the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture to manage the Monument pursuant to their respective applicable authorities, meaning that lands administered by MNF are to be managed as part of the MNF and lands administered by BLM shall be managed as a unit of the National Landscape Conservation System (NCLS). 

The agencies have worked together to create a framework that allows each agency to adhere to its particular planning requirements, enables both agencies to support the other throughout the process, provides for ongoing use and management of the monument and strengthens public enjoyment and stewardship now and into the future. Forest Service policy requires FS to provide proper care and management of the Objects of Interest described in the presidential proclamation. 

What to expect in the Management Baseline

MNF planning team members evaluated the MNF's Land and Resource Management Plan, and determined that Forest Goals, Standards and Guidelines (S&Gs), Management Prescriptions, and Supplemental Management Area Direction in the LRMP provide proper care and management of the Objects to Interest that are identified in the proclamation. Also included in the Management Baseline are the administrative changes to the existing LRMP necessary to meet the intent of the proclamation, withdrawing Monument lands within National Forest System lands from disposal, abolishing mineral entry and mineral and geothermal leasing, subject to valid existing rights.

Next steps

The next document to be jointly developed will be a Guide to the Monument which will describe activities, information resources and public opportunities, including volunteering that are available in the Monument.