Reduced closure area for Ranch Fire, Lake Pillsbury open

Contact(s): Punky Moore

WILLOWS, Calif. — Mendocino National Forest officials have issued a new Forest Order for the Ranch Fire that reduces the size of the closed area to reopen Lake Pillsbury and the Middle Creek Campground on the Upper Lake Ranger District. Forest Order No. 08-18-16 goes into effect immediately.

The new order allows forest visitors to access Middle Creek Campground via County Road 301 (M1) from Upper Lake. The main OHV trail system and the novice riding area at Middle Creek remain closed and County Road 301 (M1) is closed on the north side of the campground. There currently remains no OHV opportunities from Middle Creek campground or within the closure area.  Order No. 08-18-16 also allows visitors to access Lake Pillsbury from Potter Valley. Lake Pillsbury is not accessible from the south via County Road 301 from Upper Lake. The new order also allows access to the Hull Mountain area via M1 and M6 north of Lake Pillsbury.  The Blood Rock trail remains closed due to numerous hazards.

District Ranger Frank Aebly says, “We are doing everything possible to reasonably reduce risks to the public and reopen areas. After areas are open, please be aware that fire hazards may remain such as snags, burned out stump holes, unstable terrain, and rolling logs or rocks. We appreciate your patience while we continue the recovery and restoration process.”  

This closure will remain in place until further notice. Forest Order No. 08-18-16 supersedes Order No. 08-18-15 dated Sept. 2, 2018. The order and maps are posted here: