Tallgrass Prairie Supervisor Orders

As a visitor to the National Tallgrass Prairie, you are asked to follow certain rules designed to protect the Forest, natural resources and to provide for public safety of visitors.

These rules are available to you on-line below or at any office of the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. Please take time to read and understand them. If you have additional questions please call your local Forest Service Office for clarification.

In addition, the Prairie Supervisor may issue Special Orders and Closures that will close or restrict the use of certain areas if the need arises. Emergency closure orders will be posted as an Alert so visitors to the Forest can reasonably be expected to be familiar with them.

Below you will find a listing of Prairie closures. The numeric code is the closure order number, provided for reference.


  • Conditions of Use - R9-15-11-02 (pdf)
  • Vehicle and Trail Use - R9-15-12-03 (pdf)
  • Special Closure Order - R9-15-12-04 (pdf)