Homochitto Ranger District

The Homochitto National Forest was named for the Homochitto River, a Native American name for the "Big Red River." The area of land around what is now the Homochitto National Forest was strongly influenced by France, England and Spain. The largest nearby city, Natchez, derived its name from the Native American tribe formerly located on the lower Mississippi River.

Hunting with Dogs

The Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks establishes the rules and regulations on hunting throughout Mississippi. This includes specific regulations pertaining to hunting with dogs on the Homochitto National Forest. 

Homochitto National Forest Dog Hunting Permit Information

From November 1 – January 31, all dog hunting groups or individuals hunting with dogs must obtain a permit to use dogs to hunt any animal or to train dogs on areas open to deer hunting with dogs on Homochitto National Forest.

Homochitto National Forest Dog Hunting Rules and Regulations