Alerts and Notices Overview

Law Enforcement and Investigation (LEI) - Closure Orders

The following are summaries of prohibited acts on the National Forests in Mississippi. A Copy of each of the Forest Supervisor's Orders can be obtained from the Supervisor's Office in Jackson or any one of the six Ranger District Offices.

Forest-wide Closure Orders:

2007-00-01 Occupancy and Use

2007-00-02 Forest Development Roads

2007-00-03 Alcoholic Beverages

2007-00-04 Occupancy and Use

2007-00-05 Use of Vehicles on Forest Development Roads

2007-00-06 Occupancy and Use

2007-00-07 Occupancy and Use

2007-00-08 Occupancy and Use

2007-00-09 Forest Developmental Roads and Trails

2007-00-11 Commercial Hauling Prohibition

2012-00-01 Special Closure

Bienville National Forest Closusre Orders:

2017-01-01 Authorized Off-Highway Vehicle Trave Routes

2017-01-00 Recreational and Historical Sites, Facilities, and Structures

2012-01-00 Motor Vehicle Closures of Forest Service Roads

2007-01-06 Wildlife Management Area

2007-01-05 Walk-In Areas for Turkey Hunting Season

2007-01-01 Seasonal Motor Vehicle Road Closures of Forest Service Roads

Chickaswhay Ranger District Closure Orders:

2007-05-05 Occupancy and Use: Turkey Fork Recreation Area

Delta National Forest Closure Orders:

2018-03-12 Emergency Closure Order

De Soto National Forest Closure Orders:

2004-02-15 Special Closure

Holly Springs National Forest Closure Orders:

2007-07-03  Occupancy and Use

Homochitto National Forest Closure Orders:

2007-04-01 Occupancy and Use

Tombigbee National Forest Closure Orders:

2017-17-03 Occupancy and Use