Timber Sales and Contracting

Timber sales are conducted on the National Forests to help meet the nation's timber needs as well as protecting and restoring ecological systems through their strategic use. Balancing the ecological with the economical, timber sales are a part of the Forest Service's multi-use forest management plan for providing the greatest good to local communities.

Schedule of Timber Sales on the Monongahela

Schedule of Timber Program
Commercial Sales

Span Oak PL

This sale is located approximately 7 miles north of Bartow, on the Greenbrier Ranger District. This is a sawtimber and pulpwood sale. The total acreage is 289. This is a Sealed Bid sale. Bidders must submit sealed bids on prepared forms they can obtain from Forest Service offices listed above and in the attached advertisement.

Sale Documents

Twelve Mile 

The Twelve Mile Sale is located within the Cheat Ranger District, 20 miles northeast of Parsons, WV in Tucker County. The Forest Service will receive sealed bids in public at Forest Supervisor's Office at 2:00 PM local time on 10/30/2018 for an estimated volume of 283 CCF of Black Cherry sawtimber, 759 CCF of Maple (Red & Sugar) sawtimber, 8 CCF of Birch, Hem, Hic. sawtimber, 605 CCF of Oak (Chestnut & White) sawtimber, 1582 CCF of Red & Black Oak sawtimber, 2992 CCF of Poplar, Ash, Basswood, Cuc. sawtimber, and 2 CCF of Pulpwood pulpwood marked or otherwise designated for cutting. The Forest Service reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Interested parties may obtain a prospectus from the office listed below. A prospectus, bid form, and complete information concerning the timber, the conditions of sale, and submission of bids is available to the public from the Forest Supervisor's Office, Cheat Ranger District.

Sale Documents

Stewardship Sales
Salvage Sales

There are no salvage sales at this time. 

Past Sale Bid Reports

Timber Contracting on the Monongahela

Parties interested in contracting with the Monongahela National Forest's timber program should review the following information.

Timber Contracting Documents

The following documents are required of all contractors entering into timber contracts with the U.S. Forest Service.

Timber Contract Management

Legal Status and Assurances

Bond Information

Deposit Information

Letter of Credit

Doing Business with the Forest Service

Timber Sales Payments

Payments for timber sales can be made in the following ways:


Timber sales can be paid online through FS Bill Payment.

Regular Mail

Enclose a copy of the bill with your check or money order. Do not send cash. Please include Bill Number and Payer Code Number on your check. Make your check payable to USDA Forest Service. Send to:

USDA Forest Service
C/O Citibank
P.O. Box 301550
Los Angeles, CA 90030-1550

Overnight Couriers.

Please use USPS Express Mail only. The address is:

Lockbox Operations
Lockbox 4260
6801 Colwell Blvd.
Irving, TX 75039