Fall Color Report



We'll be updating our page each week through the fall with the status of the changing season throughout the Forest. Check back reguarly to find out which places and trees are putting on their fall color in one of nature's most spectacular annual shows. 

Update: 10/24/2017

Bear Heaven Campground in Randolph County, WV

The Bear Haven campground sign in front of a blanket of orange leaves.

FS Road 91 in Randolph County, WV

The red and yellow leaves of an autumn maple jump from the background of a clear blue sky

FS Road 91 in Randolph County, WV

A red maple leaf pops out from the brown canopy floor.

FS Road 91 in Randolph County, WV

A blanket of orange leaves under an increasingly bare canopy.

Update: 10/18/2017

FS Road 91 in Randolph County, WV

The sun shines warmly through green leaves on trees shooting through a carpet of orange leaves.

Smoke Hole Road, Grant County, WV

A shock of red pushes through a green and yellow canopy that lines a winding road

Update: 10/1/2017

County Road 37, Randolph County, WV

A tree bursts into red among the dazzling colors of fall.

Old Route 33 Entrance Monongahela National Forest near Stuart Recreation Area

The stone gates of the Stuart Rec Area sit against a yellow backdrop of fall.

County Road 37, Randolph County, WV

Maple trees show red amongst the yellowing of the fall forest.

Update: 10/03/2017

FS Road 10, Middle Mountain, Randolph County

A long shot from an overlook shows that read is quickly becoming the dominant color of the forest.

FS Road 229, Glady, Randolph County WV

A mostly green canopy surrounds a stony creek. Red tips the leaves in the foreground.

FS Rd 91 near bear rocks

The sun shines warmly through orange and red trees that line a gravel road

Update: 09/26/2017

Lake Buffalo in Pocahontas County, WV. 09/26/2017

Red leaves tinge the horizon of a crystal still lake under a rich blue sky.


Spruce Knob Lake, Randolph County, WV 09/26/2017

Brown leaves cover the ground, but green shrubbery is still predominant up to the lake.

Update: 09/21/2017

Across a placid lake, the tips of trees begin to show signs of the coming fall.

Fall is in the air on the Monongahela National Forest. Some of the higher elevations in the forest are experiencing 30—50% color change. Scenic areas such as Cheat Mountain and Spruce Knob are among the areas that are displaying the best show of color this week.

Can't Get Enough Color?

Check out what is happening on Forests from around the Eastern Region on the United States at the Forest Service Eastern Region's Fall Color Report.