Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Motor vehicle use maps display National Forest System roads and trails open to motorized travel by class (or type) of vehicle and, in some cases, season of use. Routes or areas not shown on motor vehicle use maps are closed to public motor vehicle travel. It is your responsibility to stay on routes designated for motor vehicle use and use the type of motor vehicle allowed on that road.

Motor vehicle use maps are black and white maps with no topographic features. They are best used in conjunction with a Forest Visitor Map or another detailed map.

Motor Vehicle Use on Monongahela National Forest

No trails or areas (cross-country use) are open to motorized use on the Monongahela National Forest.

Highway-legal motor vehicles that are licensed to operate on all roads within the state are the only class of motor vehicle allowed on open Monongahela National Forest roads. Parking along open roads is allowed when it is safe to do so and when not causing damage to National Forest resources. Driving off road to camp or retrieve game is not allowed.

The following types of vehicles are prohibited on all Monongahela National Forest roads:

  • Any unregistered or unlicensed all-terrain vehicles, utility-terrain vehicles, go-carts, golf carts, dirt bikes or any other unregistered or unlicensed motor vehicle
  • Any registered or licensed all-terrain vehicles, utility-terrain vehicles, go-carts, golf carts, dirt bikes, street-legal special purpose vehicles or any other motor vehicle that is not licensed or certified under State law for general operation on all public roads within the State

Download a Monongahela National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map