Motor Vehicle Use Maps

The Motor Vehicle Use Maps for each district are available to the public free of charge at all forest offices and visitor centers or on-line at the links below.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps by District:

Only designated routes shown on the map are open to motorized use, and all motorized vehicles must be licensed and street legal under state law. Motor vehicle designations include parking along designated routes and at facilities associated with designated routes when it is safe to do so and when not causing damage to National Forest System resources.

The maps do not change travel management direction; rather it simply reflects what, where and when motor vehicle use is currently allowed. 

Seasonal and year round use by vehicles that are licensed for highway use

No trails or areas are open to motorized use.

Travel management regulations and restrictions were established in the 2006 Monongahela National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan. These travel management decisions are reflected on the MVUM.

Under the new travel management rule, users are responsible for knowing where and when to drive as displayed on the map. In the past, users relied on routes being posted open/closed. With the publication of the map under the new Travel Management Rule, posting is no longer required to restrict travel. Since the MVUM is now the enforcement tool, knowing where you are driving is critical to staying only on open approved roads/routes. Roads will still have road number identification signs. However, only those roads displayed on the map will be open to the general public. Other maps and information may be needed to determine additional recreational opportunities and restrictions on routes/roads not managed by the Forest Service.

The Motor Vehicle Use Map will be published annually and will reflect any changes in allowed uses after appropriate environmental analyses and public involvement.

Further Information

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W.J. Cober 
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