Federal Highway Administration Advertising Contracting Opportunities for Flood Repair Work on Williams River Road

Contact(s): Kelly Bridges, (304) 635-4432

ELKINS, W.Va., April 10, 2019 – The Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division is accepting bids on two flood recovery projects on Williams River Road on Monongahela National Forest in Webster County.

These projects are funded by the Federal Highway Administration through the Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads Program and will help to repair damage caused by massive flooding in June 2016.

Go to https://www.fbo.gov/ (at QUICK SEARCH, type "EFLHD" and all available projects will be listed) to check for availability of bid documents. All bid documents for these projects can be downloaded directly from this website. You can also search by the solicitation numbers for each project: 693C73-19-B-000014 and 693C73-19-B-000013. Bid due date and location is specified on the SF 1442, Block 13a of the Solicitation.

Please send all questions concerning construction projects to eflhd.contracts@dot.gov. Include the solicitation number, project name and number, requesting firm and address, a point of contact and telephone number. Requests for 'faxing' or overnight mailing will not be accepted.

For questions about flood recovery on Monongahela National Forest, contact Assistant Flood Recovery Program Manager Adam Taylor at 304-799-4334 x7995543 or adam.taylor@usda.gov.